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Sword named Folly

Finished My AT-AT Terrain.

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With a few times of delays due to a move mid project. I've finally finished! And play tested a few custom rules. 

Terrain rules:  *gives light cover when in base contact (LOS blocking is the added bonus.)

                          * difficult terrain across the whole base (including the ladder on the back that allows you to climb up without rolling dice)

                           * Height 2 Terrain. 









Really fun to work on. I've already got two more popcorn buckets to work with for more!





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13 minutes ago, mr_mithrandir said:

It’s the popcorn bucket from Disneyland

i really thought you were trolling for a Moment... now im just crying Tears of laughing :D i Need to revisit Disney land

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This looks amazing. I look forward to seeing what you are going to do next.

For anybody living in the sunshine state, or planning on visiting Walt Disney World in the near future, these can be found at Disney Hollywood Studios only for $25.00 each

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