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Danger UXB!

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My lad usually plays Imperials, but as he has his favourite list all sorted, he’s helping his old Dad out and looking at Rebel builds (because I’m rubbish and neither of us play Scum!)

He’s come up with the following which we both think would be quite fun to play (and possibly a pain to fly against?), and I’d welcome your views:

B – Wing

Ten Numb, Vet Inst, Ion Cannon, E2, Bistan


Wedge Antilles, Expertise, Intergrated Astro, R2 Asto, Renegade Refit, Servomotor S foils

U Wing

Blue Squadron Pathfinder, Adv Sensors, Pivot Wing, Recon Specialist, Jan Ors, Ren Refit, Ion Projector

His thinking is this:

Ten Numb shoots first with Ion Cannon, which can only be cancelled by evade token. They use this. Wedge then shoots with expertise at -1 agility at a ship which now has no evade token. U wing hands out evades to B wing/Wedge.

Also, if possible U wing bumps the enemy ionised ship next turn, which then gets another ion token and cant action.

Thoughts / comments?

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4 hours ago, RedDogReb said:

@michigun1 ten numbs card says 1 crit “cannot be cancelled by defence dice”.

surely an evade token could still be used?

It used to be like this, but hasn't for a while.  Originally, Evade tokens canceled hit or crit results directly.  With the Force Awakens rules update, Evade tokens add evade results--green dice on the Evade side--so they count as defense dice, and thus cannot cancel Ten Numb's crit.


Anyhow, Wedge is fine (I think I like Flight Assist Astromech and Predator more, but that's like saying I prefer "cream no sugar" in my coffee, while someone else likes "black three sugars").

U-Wing is also probably basically fine.

B-Wing has a nifty ace-hunting ability, where you can toss an unpreventable ion onto someone at Range 1-2 as long as you get at least one hit result.  I just wonder if that's even worth it these days.  I guess there's some Grand Inquisitor flying along side Yorr.  If I'm flying against it with almost any list, I'm not super worried about it.

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Wedge is a beauty, but I would switch to FAA - it helps with mobility to an absolutely INANE degree.

I've always had mixed feeling about Ten. Keyan is by far my favorite B-Wing pilot, but I've seen Ten used to good effect, especially as an ace hunter here, so I'd roll with it. But I might lose the Ion Cannon - you don't want him to be a points trap. And throw on Collision Detector for free!

Idk if the U will be any use. The build itself is fine, I just don't know how it would play out on the field. Give it a try, and maybe use the points from the Ion Cannon to upgrade to Heff or Benthic for either a better blocker or a better support, respectively.

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