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LoR: Interlude quest Fortune and Glory

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I am playing the LoR in a PBF at the moment and encountered a quest rule that is most likely incorrect as written.

In this quest heroes have to find a prisoner (objective token, not treated as figure) that can be picked up by a hero and attacked by monsters (when not carried by a hero). In encounter 1, the prisoner is represented by a green objective token, in encounter 2, the prisoner is represented by a villager token (quest description: Replace the green objective token with a villager token). The quest rules of encounter 2 also state that "The prisoner follows the same rules as Encounter 1. If the prisoner is ever defeated, place the objective tokens from the OL's play area on the map as indicated." The heroes can win this encounter only if they carry either the prisoner or one of the objective tokens.

Interestingly, according to the quest rules as written the prisoner cannot be picked up again in encounter 2: Her token is replaced by a villager token and according to the rules in encounter 1 (which are also relevant for encounter 2), the prisoner can only be picked up "while a hero is adjacent or in the space of the green objective token". 

I guess it is an oversight by FFG and the prisoner can also be picked up by heroes in encounter 2. Otherwise the OL could just kill the hero carrying the prisoner and then never attack her, preventing the objective tokens to be placed. Thus, the heroes cannot fulfill the win condition anymore.

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Yeah, definitely an oversight. I think the intended reading is rules which applied to the green token now apply to the villager.(that is, since "prisoner" = "green token" in E1 and "prisoner" = "villager token" in E2, substitute "villager" for "green token" in E1 rules.)

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