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Hunt for the Rebel Base (a forum game)

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“Dantooine… they’re on Dantooine.”

         - Senator Leia Organa, part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor



It is the last days of the Imperial Senate. You are representatives of various loyal worlds, leading a committee tasked with discovering and destroying the hidden Rebel Base.

Each player is a Senator. Each turn (a number of days) Players will debate and vote on which world to send the Imperial fleet to investigate.

If the Rebel Base is present, it will be destroyed.

If the Rebel Base is not present, the Rebels will grow ever stronger until they can launch Galactic Civil War.

Senators have their own power and interests – it is even suspected that there are some in the group with Rebel sympathies, steering the group to make the wrong choices.



To vote, simply create a post with #VOTE and the name of the system. If you later change your vote, please go back and edit your original post and remove the # symbol.

Once a system has a majority of available votes, the Imperial fleet is dispatched.

If a majority does not agree in a timely fashion the GM may give a time limit (say 24 horus). If a majority still does not agree the fleet does not move, and the Rebels gain a success.



Players may only discuss the game publicly via this thread - private messages are not permitted between players.



There are NINE possible systems to be investigated...












If you would like to play, please post in this thread. We will start once a good group of players is assembled in Committee.

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Thanks for the replies.

It is a mafia variant - no ones get eliminated (or do they?).

Some players will have secret powers and / or objectives. There won’t be much GM / player interaction to slow the game.

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This is new territory for me - I’ve certainly run forum games before but this is a new idea / rule set.


i would expect players to read through new posts every second day at least - and vote / post regularly - once or twice a week.


If the imperials guess correctly the game could be over in a day. If the rebels misdirect well it could take a month or six weeks.

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If you would like to play, please post with #IN


We will start once I have at least seven confirmed to play.


I don’t know if you folks like RP stuff, so I’m not going to enforce it - but you should at least tell the group your character name and planet you represent, etc.

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Ok, we have our seven players. 


I will send roles roles and information to players after work today (about ten hours).


There is still time for people to join the game.

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I'm home early, so sending messages now.

Game is now closed - please only post here if you are a player in the game.


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{Messages sent}


"Greetings, members of the Select Senate Committee for the Counteraction of Terrorism."

"I am LTD, human cyborg relations, undersecretary to this august body."

"First item on the agenda is the destruction of the hidden rebel base. There are seven members on the committee, so four votes are necessary to declare a valid target for the imperial fleet to investigate."

"Do any members of the committee wish to make an opening statement?"



{For this first round, please use the tag #vote01 to make your vote valid. Thank you.}

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