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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Creatures Anathema (Final Questions 121-126)

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If you've been following these then first of all thank you, also there are going to be some changes coming in relation to how these operate.

The producer I've been speaking with has requested that in an effort to make sure we actually get through every book in a timely manner I only send in 10 questions from the batch of questions I come up with. Of course I agreed as without the producer the questions I come up with are essentially useless.

I asked if I could send over the entire batch of questions I come up with for the particular book as well, as in the interim I need time to read the next supplement/adventure regardless, and if they might go through the batch of questions and answer ones they feel are worth (my words) their attention.

In addition the next few weeks will be batches of questions I have gathered from the Dark Heresy First Edition "Rules Questions" FFG Forum Archives. From the Core Rulebook through Creatures Anathema. Afterwards I will filter in the Archive questions in to the pool of questions I come up with for further supplements.

This is useful to me because I'm reading the Dark Heresy novels right now and those of course create no questions, none that the producer could answer anyways.

Without further adieu here's the last batch of Creatures Anathema questions.


121. In relation to "Slave to Refinement" what happens if the Ruination views something "perfectly terrible"? Does it just not have to make the Willpower test anymore?


------- > I’d imagine so, yes.


122. Any idea where Dameri VII is? It has an orbital station apparently, it's mentioned in a quote from the opening of What Was That.


------- > It’s flavor text to spark the GM’s imagination.


123. Any idea what the Ollivar Incident was? Mentioned in a quote from Out of the Frying Pan.


-------- > Ditto.


124. For clarification on Partial Success, the first example gives a characteristic of 27 and a total roll of 49. The suggestion states that as long as the roll is within the characteristic bonus you may get a partial success.


The question is would the characteristic bonus not be 4 in this case? Do bonuses to rolls not get considered to be part of the total characteristic because they're considered environmental factors?


--------- > He has a 27 (“His Intimidate is rated at 27.”), so his Cb would be 2. The 47 is probably due to bonuses assigned to the test.


125. How do Unnatural Characteristics affect the Partial Success rule suggestion?


-------- > They alter the bonus, as that’s what they do.


126. Semantics probably, but is a Sabre-Wulf statted as per the Sabre-Wolf profile?


-------- > Yes.

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4 hours ago, ThenDoctor said:

If you've been following these then first of all thank you

Thank you for your efforts. A lot of questions and answers was very interesting.

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