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Opening Knights Tournament huge prize support

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As part of our Grand Opening week the first week of June we will be holding our first Premier Event tournament for L5R. Prize support includes metal fare tokens for all top 8 finishers, Clan Champion playmats for all top 4 finishers and for the winner not only do you get the acrylic honor dial from the stronghold event, but also a gorgeous Daisho sword set donated by one of our owners. The tournament will be held Saturday June 2nd at 44 Main Street in Gardner MA. Below is the Facebook link to the event as well as my totally not awkward at all video of the prize support





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As we come up on the final run of the hype train for this event, I wanted to let everyone know exactly what we are giving away:
1st place: Sword set and Acrylic Honor DIal
Top 2: Plastic Imperial Favor
Top 4: Clan Champions Playmats
Top 8: Metal Fate tokens
Top In Clan: Wooden First Player Clan Token
Furthest Traveled: (If a tie 1 person will be randomly picked) Metal Fate tokens and Plastic Favor
Hatamoto Bounties for Messers Mark Armitage and Devin Bell (AKA beat one of these distinguished gentlemen and this is what you win): 1x Tadaka Phoenix Playmat, 1x Full Bleed new Phoenix SH, 1x bag of metal fate tokens 3x Wandering Ronin
Plus just for signing up you get any 3 of the following (while supplies last, early birds get first pick):
Full Bleed Shameful Displays
Full Bleed Routs
Full Bleed Outwits
Full Bleed Path Of Man
Full Bleed Wandering Ronin
Full BLeed Miya Mystics
Also tons of full bleed champions, roles and several other prizes. Plus we will give away one of the plastic favors to one random player who does not make the top 8.
I want to give away all this stuff so please, if you play L5R come on down and bring friends! Let's show  that we can have big events somewhere besides giant conventions!
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So we had a whopping 33 person turnout, which I want to say is one of the biggest non-convention L5R tournaments in the US? (If I'm wrong please let me know, I love to hear about FLGS's big tournaments!)

Congrats to Ian Fite playing Scorpion for his big win. 7-0 in L5R is a marathon and he proved to have not only the skill but the stamina for the challenge. Top 4 were rounded out by Rodrigo Retamoza playing Phoenix, Kyle Kress running Dragon and Crane Hatamoto Devin Bell. Again thank you to everyone for allowing us to host such a great tournament!




New England has always been a great stronghold for L5R, so if you live anywhere close check out not only Gardner Game Knights in Gardner MA, but also Turn 4 Hobbytown in West Boylston MA, Midgard Games in Derry NH, Black Moon Games in Lebanon NH and Battleground Games in Norton MA. We wouldn't have had such a great turnout without these stores dedicating the time and energy it takes to build a successful community and I hope to get some traveling in the next few months for more great New England tournaments!

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