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Alpha's Army (Now with Dooku and Armored Kenobi! Page 6)

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44 minutes ago, Alpha17 said:

Agrellan Badlands is more of a dried mud consistency.  It will crack, but not nearly to the same extent.  See the pictures below for the comparison.


And if you've not seen them on Facebook or Discord, I finished up a Rex and a conversion, where I turned Rex into Bly.  


(Bly's basing is a mix of Agrellan Earth and Badlands, and you can see the dramatic shift in cracking)

Also do Rex's Phase II helmet:



Likely not tournament legal, but it's nice (at least for my lore-centric brain) to have the correct pairings of Jedi General and their commanders:



I really hadn't decided on who I wanted to paint my upcoming Phase II Clones as, but after working on Bly, I may have settled on the 327th.  We'll see.  I just wish I knew whether or not FFG would release a generic Jedi, so I could have "officially" include Aayla into my lists. 


Just use Aayla as “Obi-wan”. I’m loving the minis

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Couple more photos today:

First up is Bly's Phase I helmet.  I actually broke from canon here, and while I did the vertical markings from TCW, I also added the horizontal markings of a Commander as per the Episode II rank scheme.  I think I like the hybrid better than his canon look, as it fills out the helmet more.



Next up, Count Dooku himself.  The Count of Sereno was easy to paint, and he's a pretty dang good sculpt.



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Settle down children, and Uncle Alpha will tell you a story.  It's a story about a dream, and one painter's piss-poor attempts to make it a reality.  It all started a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, when General Kenobi realized that flowy robes, while super comffy, probably wouldn't stop laser bolts, and put some sweet armor on.  To add some style, he also had some robe/cape thing too.  It was awesome, and 14 year old me loved it.  Fast forward, and I've now tried my hand at making it a few times now.  A few pages back, you can see my attempt at a Skull Forge 3D print.  Its an OK sculpt, but popcorning, and my own bad attempts left it being pretty meh.  With a spare Obi-Wan and a unit of Clones, I decided to try again.  My first result was, shall we say, disapointing.


Hoping to have him fit in with my Poncho Clones (Hawkbat Battalion) I put him on a muddy base, which then blended in with the robes, and left the whole model looking... meh.  I ended up scraping off the mud and trying again, gong with Urban debris this time for the true, "Battle of Muunilinst" look.


Still not the best, but at least now the robes and basing don't flow into each other quite as badly, at least in person.  To be artsy, and make a reference no one will ever, ever get, I covered the basing with bits of blue wash and Blood For the Blood God, implying this Kenobi just popped Durge like a balloon and Obi made quite the mess.  

He's not perfect, and I still think I could have done better, but I'm going to leave him like this for the moment.  His big brother gives me a few ideas on how to improve him, but oh well.



Even with his flaws, I think this version is a massive improvement over my previous try at the idea.



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On 8/21/2019 at 2:54 PM, Alpha17 said:

The Clone Wars core set isn't even officially released yet, and I've already moved on to an alt model for Obi-Wan.  My paint job isn't the greatest, and I unfortunately have had some bad popcorning with my latest can of white primer, but he turned out OK.  Unlike the alt models for the Generic Imperial officers, I'll probably use the official/alt at a 50/50 basis. 



I do like the Skull Forge Obi wan in Armour, gotta get me one of those all ready for when I pull the trigger on the clone wars core set.

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It's not a bad sculpt, but mine had some unfortunate popcorning due to the primer I used.  Personally, I prefer my kitbashed version, but that's just me.


I finished up my battle droids this week, but didn't have a chance to get a picture of them all together.  Instead, here's a neat picture from a game yesterday where Aayla and Bly wrecked shop on some Imperials.



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