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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Creatures Anathema (Questions 111-120)

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111. Does Resistance (Psychic Powers) kick in for "Flames of Change"? I ask because it seems to be an affect of the Flamer's psychicry and not a psychic power itself so I thought there was some wiggle room.


------ > I’d say yes.


112. The flesh hound of Khorne looks like it raises an interesting question. It has a movement rate based on AB 7 which is possible only if you factor in the hound's Size (Hulking) bonus AFTER Quadruped.


However, shouldn't the Size be factored before Quadruped?


The Juggernaut does the same thing as the Flesh Hound relating to movement rate from question 112, which makes the situation more ponderous as to order of operations for applying the traits.


Admittedly this may not be a mistake, and it should normally be done this way and the Hound is just doing what npcs do sometimes and breaking the rules, either way clarification would be nice.


------- > Keep them as is; remember NPCs can have whatever movement values the GMs desires for an encounter.


113. To be clear on "Blood for the Blood God" the adversary still suffers the critical wound correct?


For example they'll still be at -5 wounds, note this may not result in something with blood it's a number I'm just pulling out, if they suffer a rending wound of that severity, but they do not suffer any after effects that are the result of bleeding such as Blood Loss or blood getting in to the eyes?


Or, do Flesh Hounds/Juggernauts just ignore the wound entirely?


-------- > They ignore any effects involving blood and gore. Everything else from the crit acts as normal.


114. "Collar of Khorne" mentions no extra damage for psy rating from force weapons, but do they still suffer extra penetration? (I know they only have natural armor this is just theoretical)


---------- > Yes.


115. Concerning "Collar of Khorne" again, if a psyker wants to use the Killing Will effect against a Flesh Hound BUT has failed the Willpower test to get past the Daemonic toughness bonus does the Killing Will damage still ignore the Daemonic TB?


------- > I can’t find “Killing Will” – what book is that from?




It's what I believe that the extra effect for a Force Weapon is called, the free action in which the psyker channels "psychic force and killing will" through the blade.


------- > I’d say no, and to go back I’d say weapons with the Force quality don’t gain the benefits of that weapon quality in such cases. It’s one of the many things done better in 2nd Ed.


116. Does the Juggernaut's "Furious Impact" count as a full action, or can they still make a single attack at the end of the Impact as with a normal charge?


------ > No, as this is not a charge.


117. Concerning "Enrapturing Warp-Song" when it mentions directly is this implying only in person face to face, or ould hearing it over a ship's vox system entail a test for example just with the bonus of being "prepared"?


------- > I’d say it has to be direct hearing, as this is a unnatural effect. A recording or via a vox wouldn’t do the trick.


118. Once Warp-Enraptured if the npc/pc already has Awareness do they increase the bonus by +10, or is it just ignored?


The transcript of Elste seems to imply it can be transfered over vox, but narrative description does not always imply mechanical effect.


-------- > Ignored.


119. The Nurgling's Teeth does not have the "†". Should the damage be increased to 1d10+2, or should the weapon profile be modified with the symbol?


------- > The latter.


120. How long does "Scourge of Sensation" last for, and how often can the Ruination use this ability?


------- > It lasts the entire encounter. It is triggered when a PC starts their turn standing in the direction of the daemon’s attention.

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