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Recently got the Auzituck Gunship and wanted to increase its defensive capabilities. Here is something that I put together:


Wullffwarro (30)---------------------Once shields are gone, his firepower increases further

Juke (2) -------------------------------- Will give me greater offensive capability when I have an evade or two

Jan Ors (2) ---------------------------- Depending on Lando result, Jan could convert one of the focus to an evade

Lando Calrissian (3) --------------- I know that there is a chance that I will roll two blanks but it's a 1/64th chance (if I am doing it right)

Experimental Interface (3) ------ After reinforcing, Wullff will Lando


Ahsoka Tano (27) ------------------ Once Combat starts, after Wingman kicks in, Ahsoka will use her ability to give Wullff another free action

Wingman (2) ------------------------ Will help with removing Wullff's stress from EI

Sabine's Masterpiece (1) -------- Will allow me to carry Recon Spec

Captured TIE (1) ------------------- Prevents Ahsoka from being a target (since she is the most vulnerable)

Recon Specialist (3) --------------- Gives Ahsoka a focus to spare on Wullff and, should she be the last ship or I need to use her for a killing blow, it gives her 

                                                         a fighting chance


Norra Wexley (29)------------------Because some will try to avoid Wulff, I think Norra can hold her own for a bit. Definitely make sure she either hangs back,

                                                       flanks the enemy force, or acts as decoy

Push the Limit (3) -----------------Allows her to focus/target lock, or focus/barrel roll

R2 Astromech (1) ------------------Gives her more options to get rid of PTL stress

Alliance Overhaul (0) -------------Title is pretty much a given

Vectored Thrusters (2) -----------Gives her more maneuverability to arc dodge


In best case scenario, the Auzituck can have 7 evades (2 Lando, 1 Reinforce, 1 Focus into evade from Jan, 1 Range 3, 1 Obstacle, 1 Normal Agility)

Worst case, I only have 2 (1 reinforce, 1 Focus into evade) but it's still a lot of health to punch through


I am sacrificing some firepower, given that Ahsoka will not be firing until the late game. However, the defensive capabilities on the Auzituck will help absorb the hits that I will be getting and I will prepare for Norra being targeted first by either forcing my opponent to split their forces, or by maximizing her offensive power. The only three things my list is prone to is spread damage (Assault Missiles, Saturation Salvo, etc), stress-giving ships (though I have a few green maneuvers) and lists that all have 8-9 pilot skill ships, though I can still use Ahsoka as a blocker if that is the case.

Let me know what y'all think and how this list can be improved or if it's complete trash. Whatever your opinion, let me know the reason behind it and how it can be made better. Thanks


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VI on Ahsoka is really useful for the purposes of Captured TIE. Keeps a bunch of nasties from being able to target her.

You actually have a 9/64 chance of rolling blanking out on two evade dice (there are 3 blanks on each die, so 9 combinations of two blank results out of 64 possible combinations).

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Wingman Ahsoka is going to get gunned down wicked easy: anyone PS 7 or higher can just blow her away.  Ahsoka was kinda neat, but she's just out-classed by Fenn Rau and the Sheathipede.

Wullffwarro has issues, IMHO.  He's almost surely always going to be the last target (particularly if mega-stacking Evade tokens), and he currently isn't enough of a threat.  Juke is wicked dodgy on ships without built-in Evade actions, and even then it's generally worse than focus/reroll type Elite Upgrades like Predator or Expertise.  The only place I think Juke is really strong is if you've got some sort of way to ensure your opponent's can't modify their focus results (Omega Leader, Snap Shot).  Lando is worse and more expensive than Jyn Erso, too (Jyn can get up to three tokens, and Jan could convert one, which would be a lot stronger than Lando's RNG.  ❤️ Billy Dee Williams & Donald Glover, but the crew just isn't good).  Experimental Interface also seems weak, because the list is theoretically using Ahsoka or a Sheathipede to give Wullff extra actions, and EI is kinda redundant in that case. 

Norra is fine. It'd be nice to fill the crew, but she's fine.  It's fine.

Mostly, the list takes the long way around.  Wullff and Ahsoka can both be simpler, and probably more effective.


Anyhow, here's how I'd go.

  • Wullffwarro is Expertise, Finn, Targeting Computer.  At 41, that's only 1 point more than the current build.  You'll be able to coordinate a reinforce over to him once he starts taking damage.  He'll be more of a threat (throwing 4 dice with Focus and Rerolls if left alone), and not as fiddly or up-to-chance.
  • I'd replace Ahsoka with Fenn Rau with VI and Flight Assist Astromech at 22.  An Ezra with Elusiveness, Tactician, and R2 Astromech could also be handy for both coordinate, toughness, and being a general pest (there are more common Ezra builds, but most won't allow him to coordinate).  If you're set on Ahsoka (or just don't have a Sheathipede), I'd run VI as the elite upgrade, and Rey crew.  This keeps her points cost down to a more reasonable 22, and Rey is amazing on Ahsoka.  It'll allow her to stack focus early, and do something like barrel roll, draw down a focus, then pass a free action.  Recon Specialist is OK, but I strongly feel Rey is better, since it frees up your actions.  Plus, VI keeps Ahsoka safe from PS 7 and 8.  There are lots of ships with PS 9-11 these days, though, so there's a big risk in that.
  • This leaves up to 37 for Norra.  The current build plus Rey crew would fit--being able to stack focus tokens is great for when you want to barrel roll.  Alternately, going with BB-8 and Kyle Katarn or Recon Specialist would work. 

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I really like the idea of Rey being on Norra but I think Ahsoka with VI and Rey might be better for what I want to do. As for the Sheathipede, I currently do not have one but it is on my to-buy list. For the moment, I might try to do:

Ahsoka with VI, Rey, Sabine's Masterpiece and Captured TIE

Norra with everything + Kyle Katarn

Wullffwarro with Expertise (to take care of focus for offense), Jan Ors, Jyn Erso (using Jan Ors to change those focus into evades) and Targeting Computer (for those pesky red die blank results)

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What's nice about Jan Ors/Jyn Erso is that it allows Ahsoka to give Wullff the action in the combat phase (when everyone is in his giant firing arc), but Jyn can put the tokens on anyone--not just Wullffwarro.  Tossing a stack of Focus and Evade tokens to Ahsoka if she's low-enough pilot skill to be targeted, or onto Norra for that matter, would be pretty cool.

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