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Worlds 2018 Battle Report - Zero Squads and No Regrets

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So I wanted to put my thoughts down about Worlds 2018, now that it's been a week (and I’m starting to sober up).


Like everybody else the FAQ had me scrambling to make a list.  @PT106 and I talked an incredible amount of time about the implications, and decided upon:


Name: Motti Heavy

Faction: Imperial

Commander: Admiral Motti

Assault: Most Wanted

Defense: Contested Outpost

Navigation: Solar Corona


Imperial I (110)

• Strategic Adviser (4)

• Ordnance Experts (4)

• XI7 Turbolasers (6)

= 124 Points


Imperial II (120)

• Admiral Motti (24)

• Agent Kallus (3)

• Gunnery Team (7)

• Quad Laser Turrets (5)

• Reinforced Blast Doors (5)

• Leading Shots (4)

• Quad Battery Turrets (5)

= 173 Points


Raider I (44)

• Darth Vader (3)

• External Racks (3)

= 50 Points


Gozanti Cruisers (23)

• Comms Net (2)

= 25 Points


Gozanti Cruisers (23)

• Comms Net (2)

= 25 Points



= 0 Points

Total Points: 397


I don’t know if you saw that, but there are NO SQUADRONS.  I normally wouldn’t run this, but since PT couldn’t play (grrr… more on that below) I wanted to give it a shot.  Also, this is easily the most beautiful list in the galaxy (Made a few modifications myself)  a76d5VG.jpg (All Alt Art Cards! What could possibly go wrong?!) :)


First game vs. Mark (UK)


Mark was running an Ackbar list with Home One and Aspiration, a few GR-75s and Han Solo.  What a game! We played his Dangerous territory, and clashed in the middle in an epic showdown of dice.  His opening shot with Home One did 11 straight XI7 damage to my flagship. I thought it was a goner. Somehow, both ISDs survived with a few hull left, and I took out his large ships for a 10-1.  What a game! I normally don’t notice observers, but we got them. If anyone has a photo of the clash, please post it! (This is my only true regret at Worlds! :) )


Second round vs. Rikki (UK)


@RikkiP, who’d eventually make the cut on the day was running some serious Rieekan squads with a pelta giving AFFM, Yavaris, a few GRs, and a Hammer Head.  We played his Station Assault. Looking at his list, I decided to play really conservatively, and give Rikki the choice of whether to come after one of my ISDs.  I deployed in a bizarre face-off, knowing I could probably get at least one station, and maybe two if Rikki pushed his squads forward. Rikki knew better, and also flew cautiously.  Luckily for me, he was protecting one of the stations (they were set opposite of each other) with his lone HH, and my Vader Raider was coming for it. He tried to escape, and I got a really lucky 7 hit External Racks shot on it to kill it.  That basically made the game a 6-5 and we called it there.  I'm really glad the conservative play didn't tank Rikki, as I think we both thought going into round three would be better at 15 or 16 than taking a gamble early in round two.  It payed off for both of us really.


Third Game vs James (UK)


@Jimble was flying a 6 activation Raddus flinging a Liberty, two CR90s and two GR75s, and Admonition.  We played my Solar Corona. Jimble surprised me be throwing out the Liberty with Raddus’ ability straight away in turn 1.  Luckily for me, I had enough activations to threaten something every turn. I deployed in the corner and flung my ISDs at the Liberty.  Jimble decided to scram with it and try to kill stuff with his other ships. Again, I had the ability to go last, and threaten so I always gave him a difficult choice, saving my little ships.  XiiRJn5.jpg

It was a fascinating game, and in the end I had killed his flotilla and one of the CR90s, giving me a 7-4.


Final Round vs Norm (Canada)


On third table and we were all bunched up score-wise.  @Norboats was flying an Ozzel list with two Glads, and a Quasar.  His squads were mostly anti-squad, so I knew I could weather them fairly well with this loadout.  We played my corona, and Norm deployed in the middle. I took the right corner. I had all the advantage, forcing Norm to activate all of his ships, while only activating one of my flotilla.  Norm, of course, is a great player, and I couldn’t ****** his ships. I focused on Ozzel’s Glad, bringing to down to near death before he sped away. In the end, I lost a Raider and Norm lost Zertik giving me a 5-6.


Overall, a solid performance versus 4 really great players from the UK and Canada.  I ended up 8th on the day (around 13 overall) running a list I am becoming more and more comfortable with.  

Team Tourney

We had a blast the next day.  @SkyCake and I ran a Vader/Sloane list but got matched up vs @Roquax and @Mogrok and their 8 activation death! :)  They chose our Blockade Run and we had such a great time, drinking before Round 2 (Mogrok I still owe you a beer!) m66lPvg.jpg7Ar2WtN.jpg(Vader is CLEARLY on the table there :) )

We all finally funneled over to the FFG Center to watch the last games.  The little area they set up was actually nice. The beers were flowing, and I talked to so many folks.  Watched the Yik/JJ match with the Canadians, Mogrok, Roquax, Skycake, @Kristjan and others and moved over to watch the Final with @geek19, @rasproteus, and @BrobaFett, while @BiggsIRL typed on his phone THE ENTIRE MATCH.  What an experience.

I was lucky enough to play SkyCake in 2016 and we roomed together this year, making the experience so great.  Went drinking on our first night with @JJs Juggernaut, @Vipcard3 and Jimble, sitting at a table at the impressive Surly brewery with @Snipafist and Geek19 among others.  Games tomorrow? We got this. :) 


It all ended like a nerd trip should.  Sobering up while playing Fallout with JJ, SkyCake and PT106 at FFG closing it down.  What a trip.



The cut must end.  It is time folks. I know it leads to long days/nights, but I think most of us are in agreement on this.  The cut doesn’t give us what Armada is built upon. I think it needs to change.


Somebody needs to flog those goobers that dropped out with range rulers (acrylic ones).  Many folks couldn’t make the trip that wanted to. This sucked. I don’t know what the answer to that is.


The Raddusson was actually a lot better this year than 2016.  Lots more room. Armada nerd central. Jimmy and Ian are awesome.Congratulations to Nathan for taking it all, but really, if you were fortunate to be there, you are a very lucky person.  I consider myself really lucky making all of these friends for three years now, and having so much fun with this game. If you have the means, make the trip!  You will find friends that make you want to go back year after year.

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Glad to see you had better luck with the Double ISD Motti than I did on Day 1!  Looking back between last year and this year, the choice of being in the Radisson was tops.  I didn't feel like I had to scream at my opponents for them to hear me, and it felt much less cramped in there than it did two years ago when I didn't play, but spent part of the day watching a bud play in that much smaller space.  Seemed like they even had plenty of extra space that could have been utilized, for more games, not sure why they keep cutting Armada down to such a small number of participants (see: Gen Con), maybe next year with X-Wing out of the May Worlds they will open up more numbers for Armada.

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