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Theory Crafting - 9 Trooper units!? (Not counting Commanders or Operatives)

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So, in a few months, Commando units for both factions will drop, and you can have up to 3 Commandos, and up to 6 Corps.

So, you could have 9 units of 4+ troopers each! Talk about objecive-grabbing trooper spam for days! Here is one idea: http://tabletopadmiral.com/legion/empire/p08u1au11uEMp07u24uEMuEMuEMp05uEMuEMuEMuEMp05uEMuEMuEMuEMp05uEMuEMuEMuEMp05u07uEMuEMuEMp07uEMuEMuEMu1ep11uEMu21uEMuEMuEMp11uEMu21uEMuEMuEMp11uEMu21uEMuEMuEMp02uEMp02uEM

Veers + Commanding Presence + Esteemed Leader (x1)

Bikes (x2)

Scouttroopers + Duck and Cover (x3)

Stormtroopers (x3), Snowtroopers (x1)

Stormtroopers + DTL (x1)

Snowtroopers + Flametrooper + Impact (x1)

12 activations! Granted, a lot of those units do not have upgrades, but it could be fun to just have that sheer number of minis on the board: 1 commander, 4 bikes, 12 Commandos, 17 Stormtroopers, and 9 Snowtroopers = 43 minis!

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