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BrotherOrii's Rebellion WIP

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Hey all,

I've been slowly working on my Rebel army since launch and I feel like I've got enough to start sharing my progress. I've not really gone for an overarching theme for the entire army, but instead tried to have one theme per squad of troops/AT-RT's.

First up is a Scarif themed Squad/AT-RT:
Got the idea for these guys from  @fade_74's thread and then tried to do my own interpretation of it.

Next up is a forest themed squad and AT - RT based on @Sorastro's guide (it's worth noting that both walkers are based on his method as well)


That's it so far. I will work on some snow themed troops/AT-ST over the next week once I decide on the colors and then finish up with my T- 47 and Luke Skywalker.

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Had my first 800 point match yesterday and decided to speed paint Luke. Picked his ROTJ outfit because it was super quick to paint. Not super stoked at how it turned out but certainly passable on the tabletop. I might try and pick up another model and do a proper paint up at some point down the track.




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I get into FF games late it seems, so sorry for dredging up the past.  LOL.   I like the ROTJ paint job, and glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought about something other than one of the ESB Luke's.  Looking forward to posting my stuff as I get done.  Great work man. 


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