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The new dials...

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4 minutes ago, Chucknuckle said:

Thanks lol. That’s bummer. That really reduces the lifespan of the cardboard :(

There’s a notch on the bottom of the larger disk that gives you access to spin the smaller one. It should actually be easier to use than the old ones.

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13 hours ago, Chucknuckle said:

So the new dials are asymmetrical, right? The disk containing the manoeuvres is smaller than the backing disk?

So that means you can’t use the “untwist an Oreo” method of setting your dials, and will have to use the “show me the money” thumb-and-forefinger-rub method?

Well we do have a turn dial.

I really like the LCG turn dial and may try and find the one I have to replace my little dials.



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