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a brand new xwing player here wanted to pick your brains, thoughts and opinions on my approach for the current version and moving into 2.0.   By no means do I plan on playing on the competitive side any time soon, more of a casual friend games, both head to head, co op and solo to learn the ships and mechanics in the mean time.  


So I bought both core sets to start, figured the three ships, dice and all the other bells and whistles will help from each core.  I bought the imperial aces pack (two interceptors), the rebel aces (bwing and a wing), a y wing and a tie advance.   Figured this is a good start to learn the game with some variety.  I plan on getting the falcon and the new two new expansions (that has both 2.0 and original mechanics).  But I dont want to purchase anything else till 2.0.   When 2.0 releases will buy the core, and the conversion kit for rebel and empire, then start building my roster/list from the 2.0 releases.   I played the tutorial last night and was a blast, but I have to play more and work through scenarios as they come up to learn the mechanics and become more fluent in the rules and actual gameplay movements.  

I have to say, being a family man with a kid and professional that works 50 hour weeks, I think xwing in a casual sense might be my main time sink for free time over a long history of video gaming.   

Any ideas, advice, or opinions would be appreciated.  

Happy hunting and fly true!!

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