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The Morrow Project

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I’m setting up this thread to keep my Morrow Project Conversion.

Any and all comments are welcome. Once I have access to my laptop, I’ll post the link to my GMBinder file.

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One hundred and fifty years after the fall of civilization, the members of the Morrow Project wake to a changed world. Without the modern transit and communications infrastructures, distances that once took hours, now take weeks, and news that once traveled in milliseconds now takes months to arrive, if ever. This new world is characterized by tiny hamlets of simple daily existence awash in a sea of barbarism and anarchy. 
The Morrow Project could not prevent the coming catastrophe, nor did they have the resources to help everyone immediately. It was possible to help with the rebuilding, but even this was a massive undertaking. Plan became action and over the years many well-trained teams were cryogenically frozen in hidden bunkers to emerge at the time when their resources and help could do the most good. 
Intended to be part of an organized plan to rebuild America, your team finds that they have missed the 3-5 year expected wake-up call. Now, far outside the original time frame and unable to contact the rest of the project, they must start alone the process that was intended for thousands. 
Isolated in a world where the war is only a distant legend, your team must rely on their ingenuity, training and each other to carry out the general orders of the project: 
1. Assist the population in rebuilding America whenever possible. 
2. Reunite with the bulk of the Morrow Project forces. 
3. Survive! 

Most Recent File: https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-L4M5oFaH15nwrZmoVHI

History (Most Recent at top):

  • Change history


    • Revised Psionics optional rules
    • Hazmat Suit, "Road Warrior" armor
    • HAAM Suit
    • Descriptions for various vehicles
    • Slight revisions to Humvee, V-150 stats


    • Humvee
    • MARS One
    • Science One
    • Landmaster
    • XR-311
    • Commando Scout


    • Indirect weapon quality, revisions to V-150
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File update

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Looks great so far.

Typo: Page 7 in "Custom Role" sidebar, "non" should be "none".

I would personally move the 10mm pistol example from Heavy Automatic to Medium Automatic. Perhaps replace it as an example in Heavy with the 5.7mm, although that would be up to much debate regarding size vs. velocity.

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I am excited to check this out and have been thinking about doing my own conversion. 

FYI:  When I look at it in GM binder or try to view as a PDF pages 4, 8, 9, 20, 22 all have text off to the right that appears to be another column of rules.

....and it looks like that only happens in Safari. Chrome looks fine. Nevermind.


Thanks for your work on this!

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I am very excited about this, since it means I won't have to do it. ?

And that mean I can concentrate on my Elric of Melnibone conversion (which is much easier. I need to look into the GM binder, though.)

Seriously, it looks great. I can't wait to get into the text.

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