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The Orcs of the Broken Plains

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I was just reading the entry on the Broken Plains and the Orcs in the "Realms of Terrinoth" supplement for Genesys, and it struck me how clearly some Orcish units emerged from the text. It did sound like the author had Runewars in mind when writing the text. For example...

"the Ghur'zhun Urak are a clan of pathfinders, rangers " who "ambush Elven and Uthuk scouts alike.

"the Lok Urak, the “Bow Tribe” are "amazing hunters whose precision with their powerful U'Rek bows" makes them "an exceptionally dangerous tribe to war with." Possible heroes: "Chieftain Mogro the Swift" and "Scurr the Huntress". 

"the Mok'Thul Urak [...] are awandering band of spiritspeakers and bone-reading mystics" protected and healed by spirits. Possible heroes: "Spiritspeaker Anka and Elder Jutta". 

"the Mag Ugluk riders and their famed reptilian steeds". These "Gurak Tol" - "huge, six-legged lizards"-  "are legendarily vicious-". They are led by the "legendary rider Skorn; a one-armed, grey-haired Orc."

There we have standard infantry, a ranged unit, cavalry, support magicians and some heroes to choose from. There's even some artwork that could be straight from army box. :) I'd dearly love to see this a published RW faction.

Here's the one little snippet of the orc artwork which I could find publicly posted by FFG:

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The spiritspeakers sound the coolest to me, but I have a hunch they would be included merely as a figure in the Infantry Command Pack, at least to start with. Man, I would love to see Orcs in this game. More factions! So many of our players locally have already bought into 2-3 factions, so I think we'd need to bring some new people on board to take up the banner of the orcs and dwarves. 

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