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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Creatures Anathema (Questions 101-110)

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101. Any more information that you know of Cyron, the formless shadow? From "Using the Forces of Chaos in your game"


------ > Nope, that is there to spark GMs to create things.


102. This is more of a terminology question, in the second adventure seed for the Assessors of the Black Tontine it mentions a Scintillian conclave.


Would the inquisition have an entire conclave for a single planet, or is Scintillian conclave just another term for the Calixian Conclave?


--------- > Either could be correct. Inquisitors do whatever Inquisitors feel is best to protect humanity. Not all agree with each other’s’ actions or decisions though.


103. Is the Alley Reaper stat block meant to represent an update Astral Spectre profile overall, or just a unique manifestation of the warp phenomena?


-------- > The latter.


104. Curious on timing, it would seem that the Alley Reaper appeared 10 years ago acccording to any theorized ideas (from the stated date of 815 being the current date), but Felroth's journal entry is dated 776 well before the phenomena seemd to appear first. Opinions on the time differences?


------- > Each believed they are correct, but it’s possible neither actually is. “Correct Date” is pretty whimsical when you’re traveling through the Warp. Plus this is a Warp creature, so it’s not limited to linear time.


105. The trait for the Burning One's Daemonic has TB 8 in it, however the profile has a bast TB5 and (10) noted. Should the Burning One's TB be lowered, or should the Daemonic trait be modified to reflect the profile?


-------- > Keep as is.


Follow up: Sorry, misunderstanding your answer on my side. Do you mean keep the profile as is?


-------- > Yep. At this point, changing a profile years after a book was printed really isn’t worth the confusion it would cause.


106. If rolling for the Burning One's current number of souls would you recommend a natural d100, or some base level and then a number of d10s?


------- > Really up to the GM, the current events in the adventure (and planned ones too), and how powerful the GM wants it to be. If you want to be random about it, d100 is fine; if you want to start with it at a fixed number, then keep adding depending on how things are going, that’s even better but more work ?


107. Just so I'm clear on Daemonic Ammunition's Warp Corrision. It attacks something, the ammunition suffers 1d10 damage, does claw damage AND 1 round of corrosion (and 1d5 corruption if the damage gets through) that round. The following round the corrosion does an additional dealing of damage (and possibly corruption), but not another dose of 1d10 damage to itself?


--------- > Correct.


108. Is the damage from warp corrosion reduced by armour and toughness?


-------- > I’d say yes, as it doesn’t say otherwise.


109. The Flamer of Tzeentch's Hoverer trait does not have a number next to it. Suggestions?


-------- > Good question! I’d say 3.


110. How can a Flamer of Tzeench use Burning Fist if it doesn't have fists? It only states it uses mouths to attack.


------- > It forms fists of flame, sort of like shown in the art on that page.

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