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Post here if you are SUPER HYPERPUMPEDAWWWWYEAAAHH!! for 2.0

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I don't know which thread to post in.

The fixes all sound great. 

I don't think I've played since the intentional draw fiasco soured me on the game. I'm way behind on collecting ships, and while I like the idea of playing again, the meta has been completely undesirable to me. So if the new focus really will be flying ships rather than stacking actions and interactions, then this is great news. I'm hopeful.

That said, the community is probably going to shrink drastically and take significant effort to rebuild. I'm not as optimistic about having enough people to play against as I am that the game will be entertaining enough to play.

Will the app be free? None of the articles say either way. I haven't watched the videos yet.

Will we ever get a dark forum theme and X-Wing avatars back? 

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Very stoked for this. I could not, and frankly discouraged, tell my friends to buy into xwing. Now I can safely and feel good about telling them to keep an eye on it. Ground floors are much easier to get on.

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Not only is the game itself shaping up to be utterly brilliant, but the developers and FFG as a whole have been very transparent about the whole process. It's nice to know they're coming to 2.0 with a pure balance, streamlining and new mechanic focus, rather than the scatter-shot of introducing things to first edition.

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4 hours ago, heliodorus04 said:

I quit the game when TLT was released because ... (insert the most intolerable whine to you personally, and that's what I'm saying herein)

But I love the minis and I came back... when Harpoon was released... I played 3 games and I entered a pit of self loathing that I didn't do enough research before spending another $200 on X-WIng...

I haven't looked yet at 2.0.  I knew that the 100 point dogfight took the fun out of the game for me, and the game had no grounding in any consistency but was in the phase of rampant power creep to promote the newest models.

Do I get my hope up?  I was fooled twice.  I'm in "shame on me" territory.

I wanted a fun star-warsy game and I got math-hammer.  Math-hammer between offense dice and defense dice will remain the same.  Well, then offense is always going to be a better place to emphasize your list than defense, doesn't it? 

None of the ships I liked thematically (Defender, TIE Swarm, TIE Bomber/Punisher) ever amounted to much and if I cannot play the ships that look cool at a competitive level then there is no point pursuing this game.j

Will I be able to play the ships I like?


The issues you had with the game is exactly what 2.0 is trying to address. I'm not saying that you should go pre-order but you should certainly go watch the hyperspace report and the interviews Team Covenant have up on YouTube. I had many of the same issues and that kept me from the game but I'm absolutely hyped for the 2nd Edition.

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