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The Modal Nodes Cantina - Rebel Desert Veterans & Mimban Table Progress

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On ‎5‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 10:56 AM, Themodalnodes said:


Jedha Garrison AT-ST (Part 2)

I've think I'm done with this for now.

I've heavily washed and weathered the left behind AT-ST. Really happy with how the rust and dirt stains have turned out, especially on the back.

All that's left to do on this bad boy now is to create a torn up shop shelter out of Green Stuff and have it stretched across the support pole you can see on the base.
This guy goes well with my completed Survivors of Jedha veteran squad, which I'll snap some pics of when my lightbox arrives!

Let me know your thoughts :)




Fantastic work on all the miniatures.

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8 hours ago, Mep said:

@Yodhrin I never tried vaseline before and would never consider it less messy, but it could work on fine details.

Oh sorry, that was in reference to those "clay-ish" putties - when you use water on them they create a kind of chalky goo that goes everywhere, but a thin film of vaseline on the tool will do the job without that mess. That said, I use it for everything now, it really helps getting a smooth finish as it lets you "polish" the putty with the clay shapers.

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7 hours ago, Themodalnodes said:

Thank you so much! I saw your converted minis pop up in the terrain group this morning and absolutely adore them. Feel like we're on a similar path with our stormies! :)

Great minds as they say and look forward to seeing your troops.


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Well I picked up a cheap lightbox on ebay and thought now would be a great time to post a pic of the completed Jedha Survivors squad.

Survivors of Jedha - Veteran Stormtroopers

The Imperial evacuation of Jedha was not as smooth as Director Krennic would have his superiors believe.
In his haste to demonstrate the result of years of his hard fought labour, Krennic's initiation of the newly designated 'Protocol 13' was hardly seen to with the same attention to detail as the usual Imperial Directive.

As the Imperial Star Destroyer 'Dauntless' retreated from its station above the Holy City there were still many of the Emperor’s forces engaged in operations in the highlands across the satellite moon.
Tied up in skirmishes with Saw Gerrera’s insurgents far from the garrison, the troopers of the 131st Legion received nothing but static over the comms as they watched the blue glow of the Destroyer's engines fade and the sun start to turn dark..


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Some light conversion work on my Fleet Troopers as I trial some techniques before finishing Leia (hate the pose. She's getting a re-work).

Swapped out a head, and tried a complete re-positioning of one to get the classic ANH kneeling pose. Anatomy is hard haha
Didn't quite get there on the pose, especially on the butt region, but will get it down a bit better for Squad 2. The Clear basing made the sculpting a little harder as I couldn't use the base for sculpt support.


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While I try to figure out how to photograph my ANH Leia conversion to not look like absolute rubbish, I've been working on some terrain for my first themed board - Jedha.

I've never built terrain before, but pretty happy with how it turned out.
The terrain is made from a mix of 3D Printed components and scratch building/scavenging.

I have a couple more pieces coming, including a shot up open air cafe under a couple of Vaporators, before I move onto the tiered housing and Partisan hold-outs.

Marketplace Storehouse (someone left their luggage in a rush)


Roy's Fruit Stand - Bloom Fruits a specialty!



Abandoned Kyber crates



Imperial Garrison Shield Generator



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2 hours ago, Crawfskeezen said:

Is that shield generator made from Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape containers? If so, you are a legend.

Haha yes it is. Not my idea but man is it cheap and effective!


1 hour ago, Lost Pharaoh said:

Is Roy selling orange-painted peppercorns? 

Roy refuses to disclose the source of his world famous ******** Bloom Fruits (yes. yes he is, and some yellow rice).

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9 hours ago, Force Majeure said:

Great use of what looks like a vitamin bottle turned upside down, a USB connector and a bottle cap! The pic with the vaporator is my favorite--lots of details to look at.

What did you use for the cylinders in pic 1?

Thanks a lot! I'd actually scratc built my own Vaporator out of party poppers and other assorted stuff before the #d printed one arrived and out-shone it haha

The cylinders are a 3D printed component from i have no idea what. A mate printed me a bunch of stuff and let me go home, and they were loose in the box, so included them as some form of storage.

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