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The Sol System 2088: A hard sci-fi setting

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Pretty neat. It's mostly setting so there's little to Critique.

The AI skill needs to have an ability linked with it, Intellect being the obvious choice. What exactly do AIs do in the setting, though? Do they help with any skill checks. Based on the hints, I would also expect a "race" for Centillion and any others that will surprise the players.

If you envision a lot of physical action in space - Agility is the only thing that's affected in your writeup, but obviously the strength-based concepts of Brawn should be modified - maybe you need a Zero-G talent or even a combat skill? You could also consider some weapons or weapon qualities that would function well in Zero-G (Recoilless).

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@player966703 Thank you, this is the kind of stuff I was hoping to get. AI is linked to Intellect. It is on the character sheet, but I must have overlooked putting in the skill description. The extent of AI is only partially covered in what I've written so far. Nearly every complex system is controlled by some level of AI; drones, ships, buildings/bases. An argument could be made for just using Operating instead, but want to have a separation between just using the system and doing alterations to it. It also makes sure there is a separation between those that can have control over systems and those that cannot. This is part of the theme of corporate control. Centillion is not a race. It is a single planet-spanning system that "lives" across several structures across Earth. I should probably make it more clear that AI is not something that can fit into a humanoid robot. They are large systems. The only level that can fit completely into something the size of human is Basic AI and it can really only do a few things. As they get more complex they require exponentially more hardware. This is not your normal sci-fi AI, this is hard sci-fi. So it reflects reality more in that way. I do like the idea of giving help with skill checks. Maybe automatic Knowledge success for certain topics or upgrades for ship combat checks. At the very least I do need to come up with very specific ways in which game mechanics are affected rather than just narratively.

So far, I have one talent for Zero-G. I planned on making it a ranked talent to remove more setback dice and possibly give dice upgrades at high levels. Weapon qualities are a really good idea.

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