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Arma virumque2

Card database updated

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Hey everyone,

For those who don't know already, Rogue30 runs one of the best online card databases for AGOT.  He created a similar one last fall for Warhammer, but stopped updating it due to lack of traffic.  I traded emails with Rogue this week to ask about his plans, and he was generous enough to bring the site up to date through Battle Pack 4.

So, to thank him for his time, here's my list of the top features at his site:

1) Unbelievable searchability:  Seriously, you won't believe the number of filters available.

2) Search results give the full card text and all stats.  I love this feature because it makes it easy to explore a given theme, trait, or race, by comparing a lot of cards side-by-side to look for synergy.

3) There's no limit to the number of cards that can be displayed on one screen.  In fact, the default view is a list of all cards that have been released.  I keep his site open in the background while I'm reading forum posts; if somebody mentions a card I don't have memorized, I flip over to his site and use my browser's "Find" function to search for the card name.  There's no faster way to look up a card you don't know.


I hope other people find the site useful too.  Here's the link:  info.wsisiz.edu.pl/~szczesnj/warhammer-invasion-LCG.php

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