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X-Wing 2.0 - not surprised, but will it kill the game for you?

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I don't know how people can expect the conversion kit to be cheaper than it is. 50 dollars gets you:

Galactic Empire Conversion Kit *updated*

3 – Alpha-class Star Wing
3 – Inquisitor’s TIE
2 – Lambda-class Shuttle
2 – TIE Advanced
3 – TIE Aggressor
3 – TIE Bomber
2 – TIE Defender
4 – TIE Fighter
3 – TIE Interceptor
2 – TIE Phantom
2 – TIE Punisher
3 – TIE Striker
2 – VT-49 Decimator

That is 34 dials, all the upgrade cards you will need, and an ABSURD AMOUNT OF PILOT CARDS! There are going to be more than 50 different pilot cards in each box. With the duplicates of generic pilots that you will need, there are probably going to be around 100 pilot cards in this box.  That, combined with how many ship bases and tokens you will need means that this box is going to be big! 

Yes, you can whine and complain that you have to spend money to keep your collection up to date, but a 50 dollar box to fix 13 different ships is amazing. That's less than 4 dollars per ship. If you think that getting 4 new TIE Fighter Dials, several updated and a couple new pilot cards, and all the ship base cardboard and tokens for 4 dollars is too expensive to update a ship you are wrong. 

I have over 10 TIE fighters. Does that mean I need to spend 100 dollars on upgrading just my imperial fleet to play them? NO! I'm just going to buy one and the core and have my 6 dials. That is more than enough to play and get a feel for the game. I love flying TIE swarms, but I can also fly a thematic list with TIE Fighters escorting bombers or other ships. If you are looking to be competitive then you could easily make competitive tournament lists out of one conversion box.


The way FFG handled the conversion box is perfect. It is big enough that I can play with all the things I already have once 2.0 drops in September. If the conversion box was bigger it would be much more expensive to produce and ship. The community will have tons of resellers and traders for filling out your collection. If the conversion boxes were too small then it would be a logistical nightmare for suppliers. Regardless, FFG has already announced that there will be conversion expansions in the future, so you can wait until a ship is re-released to get the new content as well as the dial and other necessary components to fly the ship. 

So stop whining about how expensive it is to update your fleet and do some math about how much you will get for what you're paying for. 

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