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Bringing people back to the game

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Like a bird on a wire, like a drunk in a midnight choir, I have tried in my way to be free (of Xwing).

But punch me and call me Cuthbert if 2.0 doesn't get me realllly excited to jump back in to the game. 1.0 imo became a bloated, conditional, contigent rule set, staggering under the weight of the exceptions and alterations needed to keep its original small-but-elegant design space fresh. I tired of it, and fell out of love with X-wing. But news of turrets being dragged down an alley and nerf-blatted? Action economy being totally overhauled? Force as a new game mechanic? And most important of all, points being unmoored from their respective cards, allowing the desingers to balance on the fly? These are all very very (very) good signs.

So I'm back in. And I suspect you'll see more players rejoining the game in the coming months. Will they equal the number of players huffing off at FFG's shameless cash grab? I couldn't say. But FFG levelling out the game and rebuilding it is great news as far as I can see, from someone now standing outside the community, for the long-term health of this game. New players and old lapsed players alike will hugely benefit from the increased pickupability of 2.0. Exciting times!

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