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X-Wing 2nd edition announced

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49 minutes ago, xanderf said:

EDIT: Highlights

  • Bullseye fire arcs on ?most? ships?  All ships?  Looked common.  (EDIT: confirmed from Q&A, bullseye on every ship)
  • New maneuver dials with more options taking into account the latest wave's new maneuvers to early wave ships
  • Mobile turrets for 360 arcs - although kinda different than the Shadowcaster turret (looks like it selects two arcs at once?)
  • Force powers added to pilot's that have Force abilities, which can do...something
  • Changes to how actions work...in some way, undefined (EDIT: from Q&A, changes to  barrel roll and boost, changes to blocking)
  • Faction identities re-thought from ground up.  First Order and Resistance will be distinct factions, so it's now a 5-faction game.
  • No point costs on cards, pilots, nor upgrade icons on pilot cards - all this done in their new free app, so can be re-balanced tuned by the OP group over time
  • Medium ship bases, which the conversion kits include
  • Did I mention conversion kits?  They have conversion kits.

"At a high level, a lot of changes were about getting back to the basics - flying your ships"  Focusing more on action economy.  PtL one of the most important cards in first edition - it's gone.  Now a lot of ships have "linked actions"...not all ships, but many do.  Ships will have two action bars with one action linking to another, frequently with the other action red.

This literally everything I ever wanted

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5 minutes ago, Favoritism Flight Games said:

You don't have to do anything. You can keep playing 1.0 just fine, no one's holding a gun to your head- especially if you play at home mostly.

Gee thanks, buddy. I know that. Change your name to "Captain Obvious."

But It's okay to say that this is pricey--maybe the new system will be worth it. Maybe. 

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My notes from the stream:


Bla bla bla, thanks for watching.

Sold over 20 million star wars games worldwide.

Owe success to community.

Thank you for all your hard earned money.  Your Awesome.

August 2012 released SWTMG.  Over 50 unique ships. 

Talking more extensive than next wave….

Some CGI Video.

Star Wars 2nd EDITION!?!?!?!?

Make a stronger game with better experience.

Improvements include:  New turret system
Refined action system
new intermediate base size
refined graphic design – dials,

Backword compatibility>
First editions FULLY compatible
Conversion kits by faction

Force in the game.
Force abilities
Stronger faction identity
First order and resistance own faction

Add ability to add/remove upgrade slots
Allow store owners to craft squad building rules

Products in first wave:
New core set – MOVEABLE S-Foils Xwing and 2x ties.
6 ship expansions:  Tie adv and fighter.  New X-wing and new sculp Y-wing.  New Fang Fighter with pivot wings, Slave one with NEW MEDIUM BASE.

First 3 conversion kits for sale as well.  Each kit 49.95.
Dial upgrade kits and dice.  DICE HAVE NOT CHANGED.

New expansions (saw and reaper) have 1.0 and 2.0 components.

Coming in NOVEMBER


Samood eliot licensing manager
Frank Brooks Game Designer
Max Brook – Game Developer
Zack….. – Org Play

Force powers.  Implement things we like about the game.  Change how actions work.  Better faction identities from the ground up.  New addition will take advantage of App.

Gameplay elements:  Make turrets like Lancer.  Primary are now double turrets, 180 degrees.  Bullseye arc on EVERY SHIP.  Issues with barrelroll and boost fixed. 

Refined action economy.  PTL is GONE, now core mechanic of many ships.   Y-wing might get red barrel roll.  Ships now have access to red actions.

Medium bases started with the firespray.  Hard to implement mid stream so now in 2.0.  (Took apart existing game and fixed it).

Lucas film asked about 2.0.  Spoke about bringing back to core Star Wars experience.  Needed to spend time to make the ‘Force’ right in the game.   Allow for characters to fly multiple ships.

Going to support the 1.0 edition through to launch of 2.0.  FINAL WORLD CHAMP FOR 1.0.  1.0 and 2.0 Kits in June.   System open continues into July. 

Cool 2.0 events at GenCon.  New program for what resonates with players:  New Content (exp); Competitive Play; Game mode variety;  Good opportunity for new players joining game.

Will support game stores in current and new offerings.  Emphasis new products and variety.

Opportunities in the next year to help transition from 1.0 to 2.0.  Events and mechanics on website leading to launch.


Conversion Kits:

Enough for all Cards from 1.0 to 2.0.  In 2nd Ed. Additional content not in first available in conversion kits.  Wexly as Y-wing pilot.  (Will there be an ept for Horton?).  Conversion kits makes the pre-existing x-wing kit you have ready for 2.0 without having to buy additional fighter.

Faction Identity:
Rebels – Biggs like helping out other ships in faction.
Empire – Regimented Nature:  Swarm playstyle – Group buffs if you fly together, not solo.
Scum – Screwing over others.

Not going to be a gimmick to take away from the game.
Have force charges and FS pilot has a 1-3 charge load.  Ezra=1 Vader =3.  Let you change one result?
Force power upgrades.  FCharge lets you use ability.
Crew can also provide force help to ship they are on or others?
(Emperor Palp is still scary)

Is a Hub – Huge asset to org play.  Allows approaches to balance (duh).   Point cost and upgrade slots are now mutable during/after a competitive season.

Lots on pro’s of having an app as a one stop shop for what works, how and why.

Focused on what resonated with players.  New products and Variety.
Deluxe wave kits – includes stuff for new players, for thematic players, and champ event for competitive play.
Seasonal kits expand play.  3 Months of play or 3 monthly plays.  Lots of opportunities for new content.

System Open events continue and new locations coming in and out of US.
Regional will become ‘hyperspace trials’.  No longer few key locations.  Each territory will allow any store that meets requirements to run this kit.  2 periods per year.  If qualify, can run 1 per year per store.

Hyperspace cups.  Can send to world champs.

Worlds move to October and is X-WING ONLY.


Resistance and First Order their own fully playable factions.  More ships will be added as we learn more.  Movies, books and comics will feed.  Ability with squad builder to dynamically change things in the game.  Add events, point cost, balance.


Devs Best Part:
Movable S-foils – Unkar subtitle is ????
Ability to fix things into the game.
Put 5 years of development into the game from the ground up.
The app increases opportunities.

I haven’t typed this much this fast in a LONG TIME.

Live Stream ?
2.0 good entry point?  Yes.  Set a guide to how to write cards.  Language clarification.  Org play is a great time to start.

Is all relevant new content in the kits?  Still need a new core set to play 2.0.  New templates have a line down the middle.  World champs templates have new lines.  (to help with bumps). And are 2.0 compatible.

Quick build cards:  Let quick squad building without app.  Have threat levels to help squad build.  Not perfect.


App free on website and for download to mobile device.

Favorite?  T-65 really fun to fly.  Moving s-foils are great.
A-wing and Interceptor now have built in PTL.  Autothrusters are not the same.  “After action perform red boost/action”

Battle of Yavin feature?/Mode? Now.

Upgrade costs adjusted to balance behind the scenes?  YES.  Big problem in 1.0.  Allows flexibility in play and game design.

Point changes not rollercoaster.  Periodic, systematic updates.  May be also used to rotate cards/abilities depending on use/game design.

Will have a .pdf available to printout with current pricing.

Will also be able to adjust game points for game modes.

PILOT SKILL IS GONE -  Now called initiative.  Initiative six is now ps9.  NO MORE Veteran Instinct!

Combat phase is now ENGAGMENT PHASE


EPIC PLAY:  Still under development.  DON’T STOP PLAYING.

One conversion kit will cover it all.

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How many ships does each Conversion Kit convert?

The number of ships supported (by maneuver dials included) in each Conversion Kit are:

Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit

3 – A-wing
2 – ARC-170
2 – Auzituck Gunship
2 – B-wing
2 – E-wing
2 – Ghost
2 – HWK-290
2 – K-wing
2 – Millennium Falcon
2 – Phantom I
2 – Phantom II
2 – Sabine’s TIE Fighter
2 – U-wing
2 – X-wing
2 – Y-wing
2 – YT-2400
4 – Z-95 Headhunter

Galactic Empire Conversion Kit

2 – Alpha-class Star Wing
3 – Inquisitor’s TIE
2 – Lambda-class Shuttle
2 – TIE Advanced
3 – TIE Aggressor
3 – TIE Bomber
2 – TIE Defender
4 – TIE Fighter
3 – TIE Interceptor
2 – TIE Phantom
2 – TIE Punisher
3 – TIE Striker
3 – VT-49 Decimator

Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit

2 – Hound’s Tooth
2 – HWK-290
2 – IG-2000
3 – Kihraxz Fighter
2 – Kimogila Fighter
4 – M3-A Interceptor
2 – Mist Hunter
3 – Protectorate Starfighter
2 – Punishing One
3 – Quadjumper
2 – Scurrg H-6 Bomber
2 – Shadow Caster
2 – Slave I
2 – StarViper
2 – Y-wing
4 – Z-95 Headhunter

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1 minute ago, Derpzilla88 said:

So if I don't have a device that can support the second edition squad builder app, am I going to be unable to play the game?

And where are the First Order and Resistance conversion kits?

Maybe it will come as one new trilogy kit?

Edited by Jadotch

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1 minute ago, Derpzilla88 said:

So if I don't have a device that can support the second edition squad builder app, am I going to be unable to play the game?

And where are the First Order and Resistance conversion kits?

There are going to be downloadable point lists for people who can't/don't want to use the app.

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4 minutes ago, Otacon said:

There are going to be downloadable point lists for people who can't/don't want to use the app.

That's good to hear. At least puts to rest my biggest worry.

Hopefully by the time 2.0 comes out it won't be an issue but still good to know.

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1 minute ago, Sithborg said:

And low and behold, Artoo can now only recharge 3 shields. 

It's almost like they listened to their players about what was broken in the game.

Anyone want to guess if Nymranda or the TLT, generally, is still broken OP?  I bet it's not...

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Three things:

1. I admit I'm surprised they did this, but it's just another sign they're really listening to all the meta complaints.  They're changing a LOT, however, about the game.  How balanced can 2.0 really be out of the gate?

2. I'm not thrilled at having to have an app to play the game.  One thing I like about board/miniatures games is being able to put down my phone.  It does solve some issues and gives a sanctioned squad builder, I get that, but I work with technology all day.  I want to play with plastic minis and cards.

3. As I read through all the changes, I'm sure I'll come around.  I generally like change in the game.  But it's going to cost $190 just to buy in to 2.0, which stinks.  I know there's no way around this - they can't give the conversion kits away and it's nice they're making them. But it still stinks.

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