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Rau's painting blog - for when he forgets how he did it himself.

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Hey guys, 


As much for my own records, I'm going to be recording my painting progress here. For those hoping to find anything rebel related, be prepared for bitter disappointment. 

Ok, first storm trooper squad. Turned out ok for a first attempt and took around 4 hours for the squad. I'm confident that'll be down to 3 hours by squad 3 and beyond, which is a solid evenings painting per unit - absolutely fine. These model, save a few centrepieces, will be getting the tabletop standard and nothing more. 

Unit -  https://photos.app.goo.gl/bF21AAWZ5n7Moxha7


Heavies -


Troopers - 



as for the paint guide, I'm mostly using Vallejo model colours (v) with a bit of citadel (c)

Armour -

Abadon black base (c)

heavy dry brush - German grey (v)

light dry brush - founation white (v)

light dry brush - foundation white (v)

(2 coats should be sufficient) 

layer - Gloss white (v) (hitting the panels, tidying up armour plates ect

2 X gloss varnish


Abadon black base (c)

highlight - grey green (v)

highlight - medium sea gray (v)

I then added a gentle highlight to the extremities of the weapon with metal medium (v). This adds shine without much colour, making your highlights pop and shimmer giving the impression of black metal. 

matt varnish. 


for the other black areas, I added a first highlight of German grey and did not add the metal medium highlight, making these areas look flatter than the weapons for contrast. 


nice and easy. Hope you enjoy. If people want specifics just ask! 


EDIT: these models are not yet glued together, if anyone is concerned some of the joints look wonky!

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