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Raspberry Vermeil

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first person to paint their Reaper as a Winnebago gets the greatest internet cookie

"Raspberry Vermeil"
*VI (1)
*ISB Slicers (2)
*Kallus (2)

*Lightweight Frame (2)
*Ailereons (0)

how does it work? Possibly by VERY poor writing on FFG's part

Remember, in X-wing, a ship is ALWAYS friendly and at Range 1 of itself. ISB Slicers do not specify "another ship". A ship is only jammed if it has a jam token. A Jam token falls off immediately if the targeted ship has a focus/evade/TL, taking said token with them. THIS DOUBLES YOUR JAM!

provided the opponent has a token to knock off, of course. If they don't, they receive a jam token that sticks and they become Jammed.

so, in order to maximize ISB slicers, we need the highest possible PS. Hence, this guy with VI


Now, because Vermail is going to be Rocking Out ("jamming") constantly, he won't be able to use his action for anything out. But that's okay, because FFG provided us with a lot of fun action-independent toys to play with

1.) Vermeil's Ability

2.) swx75_a3_advanced-ailerons.png

3.) Agent-Kallus.png


So here's what we get. 1.) The opponent loses two "actions", 2.) Vermeil gets essential guidance chips, 3.) Vermeil gets both offensive AND defense focus against the Kallused enemy, 4.) Free aileron move

Obviously, build ain't perfect (ain't a turret, for one). It suffers slightly against higher PS (assuming they don't have optics, they won't have tokens to jam before you activate), and HIGHLY against stress (it's whole reason for being is the JAM action) so beware. Still PS 8 hits a lot of very important pilots (Asajj, Dash, Miranda, Rey etc.)

Not sure who to pair him with, though. Easy answer is two FCS + Optics + Thrusters Silencers (ps 4). Gives you a 3 point bid for Rey/Miranda, or gives you First Order Vanguard on your preferred Silencer


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This might be the first time I set QD aside...

Major Vermeil (26)
Veteran Instincts (1)
Director Krennic (5)
Imperial Slicer (2)
Lightweight Frame (2)

A.A. (0)

Sienar-Jaemus Analyst (26)
Fire-Control System (2)
Advanced Optics (2)
Autothrusters (2)

Sienar-Jaemus Analyst (26)
Fire-Control System (2)
Advanced Optics (2)
Autothrusters (2)

Total: 100

View in Yet Another Squad Builder


Krennic Vermy for a soft FCS and shield upgrade. 


Slippery token denial with anti-regen.  And two maneuverable knife fighters. 


Or drop Krennic for Coordinate to reposition a Silencer. 





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