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Show us your barricades!

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20 hours ago, Alino said:

Mine are pretty much just W7's without the color, which i think I'll do to my own. Really nice.

Thanks! I saw someone do the orange on the Legion Facebook group and took a few quick steps in finishing them. I have a few with a light blue I didn't take pictures of yet.


On 4/30/2018 at 12:56 AM, w7w7w7w7w7 said:



In case anyone wants to rip any part of this off:
-Spray prime uniform grey/mechanicus standard grey
-Paint accent panels to liking. I like Jakkaro Orange, Mepheston Red, and Mccragge or Calgar blue.
-Wash the entire thing in Nuln Oil or Dark Wash.
-Take a small amount of Lead belcher or some sort of dark metallic silver and sponge on a light amount across the model. I think less is more here.

On 4/30/2018 at 12:56 AM, w7w7w7w7w7 said:



-Display and Buttons are based in Caliban Green
-The on the buttons highlight with Warpston Glow and draw an "L" on the bottom and left side of the screen with it as well.
-Then a slightly thinner layer than of Moot Green in the same way as the step above.
(I should note most of this I ripped off a GW video where they also put a dot of white in the top right of the green and yellow in the bottom left as a sort of lens flare effect. Couldn't make it work, but looks cool.)
-Spray seal and then brush on some clear gloss to the displays.

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