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Higher Difficulty?

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On 8/2/2018 at 9:40 PM, IanSolo_FFG said:

From the Legend of the Alliance rule book on page 16 under the "Move X to Attack" section it says 

"When moving to attack, an Imperial figure tries to move to and attack the target from the closest space possible"

In their graphical example below the paragraph, the first stormtrooper to activate is 5 spaces away from Diala and does have line of sight.  The command is "move 3 and attack the hero with the most health remaining" which turns out to be Diala.  The example shows the Stormtrooper moving 3 spaces (hence now being 2 spaces away from Diala) before attacking.  I'm not sure where you got your definition depending on line of sight.

What I was suggesting is that since the stormtrooper attack pool has a guaranteed 3 accuracy (blue + green) then there is no need to move within 2 spaces of Diala in the above example.  Instead, the Stormtrooper can stop after having moved 2 spaces (instead of 3).

Ah. I haven't read the rulebook but I was sure the tutorial explained "move X to attack" to mean "move up to X spaces to gain line-of-sight, then attack."

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