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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Creatures Anathema (Questions 91-100)

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91. The Ork Nob has a Fear (1) rating, if they're trying to intimidate a fellow orkoid for whatever reason will the Mob Rules kick in giving the resistor a bonus to resist?

--------- > Yep!


92. Any idea where the Firevale Rainforests lay? From the Memoirs of Antonia Vale next to the Ork Nobz entry.


Seems like the Ganf Magna mention earlier might be hinting at the location, or perhaps the new jungle planet of Quarn from the Squick Adventure seed, but it could also just be a "You come up with it" answer.

------- > The latter. As mentioned before, things like this are flavor additions that GMs can use as they see fit.


93. The gretchin has a movement based off of AB 4. Their profile gives them an AB of 3, and they also posses the Size Scrawny trait which would imply they should have a movement based on AB 2. Opinions?

-------- > As always, keep it as is.


94. So just for clarity's sake the Gretchin's Mob Rule will not kick in if it's just a bunch of Gretchin with each other, it has to be more grown Orks?

---------- > Correct.


95. From the earlier mention, any idea where Quarn is (subsector) and what classification of planet it is?

------ > See #92.


96. It mentions that more wounds are caused by Sluggas as crude clubs than actually shooting them generally. Should a wielder use it as a melee weapon what weapon would you recommend it emulate?

--------- > Improvised melee weapon technically, but I’d also suggest Club.


97. In relation to the Snazzgun's variable damage type, how is the switch determined? Every fight, or every round, every shot, player choice, or even randomly rolling?

-------- > Every time it’s fired.


98. When it mentions Mega Armour being completely unavailable for purchase in the sector is this because there has not yet grown a large enough Ork Nob to earn/afford it, or becuase it's just unique beyond availability currently?

------- > More the latter.


99. The descriptive text mentions that the Simulacra are encountered most commonly in the Malfian sub, as they favor Hive Worlds greatly.


A brief mention in the beginning of the Xenos sections mentions they more often haunt worlds in the Drusus Marches, and this is supported in the further description as there being mentions of possible Simulacra elsewhere in the sector.


Obviously it hardly matters, they're both relatively close to one another, but I feel like it could be important for distinction if a campaign takes place in one particular subsector.


So, opinions on if Simulacra favor one subsector over the other?

-------- > They don’t favor one over another; they are just found more often in some areas than others. Wherever you as the GM want them to be, they can be ?


100. Any idea where Hive Partenius is? From the Journal entry on Simulacra.

------- > See #92.

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