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Store Championships Dates/Locations

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13 hours ago, Syleh Forge said:


(In Hopes of a local tournament)

kinda depends, what's "local" for you?

if you're state side the Store championships are actually over for the year,  they'll start up again in June 2019(stores will still have tournaments, these are just the ones "officially" by ffg). 

If you're outside the states (the Aussie above for example) they may have store championships outside the norm? I'm not really sure. I don't mind people continuing to post in here regardless. 

Someone will likely make another of these next year, it might very well be me. The regionals will start in November in the states, they have their own post though that actually has the dates/stores already listed so there's no need for one of these forum posts for them. 


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The story with the Penrith one above is something to do with the store losing or not receiving the kit on time. And some hassling by the local community.

I cannot make it on pain of divorce.

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