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4 ship Rebel Squad List. What are your thoughts?

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Norra Wexley (29) 


tail gunner (2)

veteran instincts (1)

Tycho Celchu (26)

Push the Limit (3)

Rookie Pilot (21)

Rex (14)


100 total points.

Im thinking get the a-wing right on top of the ship with the lowest agility and blast away with his measly 2 attack dice. But in the meantime using ptl and his ability to have a focus and evade token each round on defense. Negating most attacks completely.

fly Norra and the rookie together to focus fire on the largest attacking threat on the field.

Rex will arc dodge and fire on whoever he can applying his effect. 


Is this a good build? I feel like between Tycho’s evade and 3 defense dice, Norra’s regeneration, and Rex’s annoying ability that this list would be at least a little challenging to play against.

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I am not so sure tyco will do much damage in this build. Also it's very unlikely that he will targeted early so his defensive abilities will be wasted. I think lowrick would be a better fit in this list. Low can help keep Nora and Rex alive a bit longer to get some work done. 

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Given Tycho's low threat value early on it's worth considering just changing your initial approach to always be focus+TL/boost and spend it all on attack. He might look vulnerable enough to draw fire away from Norra, who should be your preferred closer.

Overall you're running Norra and Tycho both a light on upgrades compared to their "standard" builds. In particular, the A-wing Test Pilot title upgrade gives Tycho some crazy options!

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Rex wont be doing much arc dodging at PS4, not too mention all the turrets/wide arcs in todays game. Without protection, he is a weak biggs at best, just taking the first couple shots. Not bad, but dont expect him shutting anyone down.


Toss PTL and vectored thrusters on Norra = 39pts PTL gives her focus a lock for ability, and VT helps her get shots.

Green Sqd w/ Deadeye/Homing missile = 25pts A decent big shot early, following Norra's attack.

Rookie + 1pt astromech = 22pts 

Rex = 14pts


Another option:

Norra w/ PTL,TG,R2d2,VT = 39pts

Biggs = 25pts

Ahsoka w/ VI, Captured Tie = 19pts

Prototype = 17pts

Ahsoka giving Norra locks and b-rolls at start of combat. Biggs ability gives Norra a round to regen if she gets in trouble.

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