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R2-D2/IA rides again!

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5 minutes ago, ficklegreendice said:

Yehaw, etc

Lone wolf Luke might be a right pain in the *** (or just predator/expertise) 

Currently toying around with Predator on him, but Lone Wolf is a nice way to make him even tankier.

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1 hour ago, ficklegreendice said:

Lol "now" 

Well, to put it in context, I flew 4 Alphas + Shuttle at the height of Palp Aces, and blocking TIE interceptors with TIE interceptors is a breeze. So they did well for me. Palp Defenders, however, completely did me in because they didn't care about getting blocked, and that's when I put the TIE interceptors away.

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6 hours ago, ficklegreendice said:

Optics r5p9 is kinda pointless since you're just eating that focus 

But you can PTL PA r5p9 

I disagree. I ran a Norra-Poe-Fenn list with double regen, and it was GOOD. 
The two upgrades does not combo, but that doesn't mean it is pointless. 
You get a full dial, which can really utilize the T-70's speed, with focus/TL every round. 

The trick to making it work is presenting your opponent with the hard choice, a benchmark of every good list. 
For my list, the opponent had to choose; Do I kill C-3PO/R2D2 norra, annoying Fenn, or budget Poe, that still can regen? 

Usually they went for norra, and poe could just fire away, and if they went for poe, you just stay on the defensive and regenerate every turn. 
It all comes down to it being a harder decision every round: 'Does my opponent focus Poe next round, or can I keep my focus for staying on the offensive?'  

Just my unwarranted 2 cents ;-) 

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