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600 point outing

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Played a tournament over the weekend at 600 points, the field was a decent mix of both factions, as far as I can tell it was mostly AT-ST Empire and heavy weapon Rebel action with hard points on AT-RTs.

Most lists had around 4 troopers and upgrades on everything.

I took Luke, six troopers and three naked AT-RTs. 

Three of the units had an additional trooper and that was it for the list.  

I played against an AT-ST list, it butchered stuff but was able to swamp Vader and cripple his squads for the match.  Took the game 5-0

Next saw a Rebel list with z-6s and blaster cannons everywhere.  His white dice rolls where on the whole pretty good and he had me down to two troops and two AT-RTs by the end of it.  Took the game 5-0

Last game was against three AT-RTs with flame throwers, 4 troops with one on a z-6 and a naked Luke.  Was concerned the enemy AT-RTs would prove too much for my troop heavy list but was able to tie them up long enough with my Luke and AT-RTs to end the game with them having only fired once.  Took the game 2-1.

I realize at 800 points things look a little different and at this point would only be able to include a Speeder to continue the “no upgrade” plan until commandos drop but it was still interesting to see how maxing out units played against an upgrade heavy field.

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