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GenCon 2018 - Wedding at Kyotei Castle - L5R 5th Edition RPG

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So, the GenCon Event Calendar just went up for preview, and the Fantasy Flight Games line up did feature this little gem.

Taken from: https://www.gencon.com/events/128888

Wedding at Kyotei Castle
You have been honored with an invitation to a wedding uniting 2 prominent families of different Great Clans. However, not all of the wedding guests have arrived to congratulate the honored couple.
Pre-generated characters and all materials required to play will be provided.
System: L5R RPG 5th Edition
Seats: 15 per timeslot
Price: $6
Length: 4 hours

 Thursday - 10 AM, 3 PM
 Friday - 10 AM, 3 PM
 Saturday - 10 AM, 3 PM
 Sunday - 11 AM

No announcement yet on if GenCon 2018 will see the release of the new RPG system, but based upon this, I find it doubtful. What we are likely going to see is a nearly finished product, with this being a demo / last minute playtest before the game goes to print. I would expect to see a finished RPG available for pre-release at the L5R LCG World Championships / Winter Court event in November, with a full release in December / January.

And, despite my criticism in other places, I intend to secure a ticket to this. I would like very much to play it, and see what improvements have been made since the Beta.

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2 hours ago, fbtn said:

Does it mean that for the Gencom we will have more than beta test materials and updates?

No word on that yet, and I would not expect to know anything definite until 2 weeks before GenCon. FFG is notoriously tight lipped about these things. However, there will likely be some kind of "take home" element for this, unless they are being really stingy. $6 is too little for a set of dice ($15 would be my expected price point for that), but I would not be surprised if it was a copy of a character sheet with a glossy folder carrying a Clan Mon of the character or the L5R Logo.


1 hour ago, llamaman88 said:

Oooooo!!!! I mean, I can't go but maybe people will tell me about it on the forums... and maybe we'll get the module some time after...

Rest assured, I will be writing about it on my L5R Blog, Dave of the Five Rings.

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12 hours ago, llamaman88 said:

will you link it on here for us?

Here is the central link: http://www.cardboardrepublic.com/category/articles/dave-of-the-five-rings

And here is the non-Do5R article I recently did about the RPG Beta: http://www.cardboardrepublic.com/articles/up-on-a-soapbox/why-the-l5r-lcg-succeeds-and-the-rpg-beta-fails

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