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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Creatures Anathema (Questions 81-90)

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81. Are we to assume the Genestealer's profile already reflects the +10 Toughness for Multiple Arms, or do we need to add it ourselves?

-------- > The former


82. Genestealer's Kiss requires a bite, but they've no profile in the weapons section for such an attack, recommendation?

------- > It’s assumed to be any Genestealer attack that causes damage to the target.


83. Does a genestealer implanted hybrid from the kiss kill the host when it emerges?

-------- > Not unless the GM wants it to.


84. The lictor has a movement based off of AB 6. However it has a base AB 5, the Quadruped trait, is Size (Enourmous), and the Unnatural Speed trait which would seem to imply needing a movement based off of AB 28 (((5 base + 2 size) x 2 Quadruped) x 2 Unnatural Speed).


So, was any part of that equation and/or the profile off in terms of movement calculation?


It would at least seem like Unnatural Speed might not be factored right as it seems pretty ineffective if you're not actually doing the base x2 multiplication.

-------- > Keep as is.


85. Are we to assume the Lictor's profile already reflects the +10 Toughness for Multiple Arms, or do we need to add it ourselves?

-------- > The former


86. Concerning the Flesh Hooks, is bonus +20 to Climb already factored in to the skill list for the Lictor, or should it be getting an effective +30 (baring Ascension raising the bonus cap to give it +40)?

-------- > The former


87. Does the Ork's "Mob Rule" +10 bonus increase infinitely, to the pre ascension +30, or post ascention +60?

--------- > Former, but really up to the GM.


88. The weapons in the Orks profile have Unreliable stated on them, but have no mention of the special rule in the Ork Weaponry table where they do not count as unreliable.


Is it intended that they follow the Table 3-1 rule?

------ > Yes.


89. Do you have any idea what the intended date was for the Journal of Felroth Gelt entry under the Ork Boy description?

------ > Nope, sorry.


90. Ork Nobz have a movement based on AB 3. Their profile gives them AB 3, but they are also size (hulking) so they get a +1 bonus. Should they not have a movement based on AB 4?

------- > Nope. NPCs, as mentioned earlier, do not have to follow the normal guidance for calculating movement (or anything else for that mattr).

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