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Played my first MoN game

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I met my brother and his girlfriend yesterday, and we decided our introduction would be a round of Eldritch with the new expansion. 

We picked Antedilvium because we really liked the Mystic Ruins. I had Father Mateo (my favorite) and Carson Sinclair. He had Sefina Rosseau and Preston Fairmount. She had Agatha Crane (my brother liked to tease and said she had an old lady fetish) and Daniela Reyes. 

Our first Mystery was to discard a spell and clue after Mystic Ruins encounters. Carson, Sefina, and Mateo did those.

Our second Mystery was the Grotesque Statue. Given that it gives you five Clues when you obtain it, we got it almost by accident when Mateo gained an Artifact from an Encounter in Arkham. We got to the same space, Daniela gave him another clue and Preston gave him the two spells he was going to use for the first Mystery and we took care of that. 

The last Mystery was the one with the Eldritch tokens on the Mystic Ruins spots. Agatha, Daniela, and Carson finished off those. 

Other highlights: Agatha summoned lightning to destroy the Tick Tock Men. Mateo, the Christian priest built a temple for the Atleantean gods and threw out his back. Sefina ended up in debt to a Nigerian prince. Agatha got Amnesia and forgot she made a Dark Pact. Mateo had a Living Link with an ancient King, and Preston became superhuman and got +2 improvements on every character. Carson also found the Black Fan during an Expedition in the Himalayas. 

"See that old white guy with the courtesan's fan. Let's give him stuff!" 


Ahhh, fun times. 

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57 minutes ago, Eldritch Mike said:

Sounds like a convincing win?

I expected Antediluvium to be extremely tough, and it might still prove to be, but I had a comfortable win against it in on my first attempt. 

We got lucky: Not many of the blue star gates opened, so we were able to reduce the Sanity-loss effect. 

But yeah, we were able to keep things down fairly quickly. Preston was tough and had lots of weapons, so he was the "point at monsters and they die." Took out a Shoggoth and an Avian Thrall. 

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