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GoT board game online

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I am a huge fan of this game, but due to the busy schedule me and my friends don't always have time to get together to play. So can anyone explain how it is possible to play GoT online? 

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On Steam you can purchase a simulator called “Tabletop Simulator”

Its about $20 regularly, but on sale you can get it for $12ish.... or you could search around and find it for cheaper elsewhere, but unless you wanna deal with some semi sketchy websites I would stick to Steam.

After you have TT-S you can subscribe to a mod from the community that will allow you to play it with your friends online through thy simulator (all players have to have the sim on their computers)


This is the one I use. It has all the components set up and ready to play. There are also other ones preset for the specific number of players you have.

I play a lot of my board games on there actually. Even with friends who live near me. After you get past the learning curve of playing on the computer it is actually quite nice.



Good luck!

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You can choose various services that have free support for games online or choose a convenient time for yourself and spend in another company that you can pick up on similar forums, for example, so I found another company with which I am comfortable playing in similar games. It all depends on your desire.

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