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Need a 29 point wingman for this Dash list

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I am working on a list, so here is what I have thus far:


Dash Rendar 36
Lone Wol 2
Outrider 5
Heavy Laser Canon 7
Rey 2

AP-5 15
Bodhi Rook 1
M9-G8 3

Total 71 points

Who would make a good wingman for 29 points? Or how can those 29 points be wisely spent

I was thinking Crimson Squadron Pilot with a Trajectory Simulator and Bomblet Generator?

Another option I was thinking was Tarn Mison with R7 and Vector Thrusters plus give AP-5 Pulse Ray Shields

Jess Pava with something?? An A-Wing Ace? Ahsoka (Give AP-5 the action at the start of the Combat phase, and have M9-G8 lock where he wants.)?

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I like Bodhi and M9-G8. AP-5 doesn't need Pulsed Ray Shield because with Bodhi and M9 you could just keep AP-5 out of the fight. 

I like R7 Tarn because he is a cockroach and he only eats 25 of 29 available points (I'll come back to that.)

You don't want Jess with Lone Wolf Dash because Jess wants a formation.

Ahsoka is another support ship. Now you're making Dash do all the work, and he's already drawing all the heat as a priority target. 

I would consider investing more points in Dash. The value of Countermeasures on Dash cannot be overstated in a game with too much ordnance. You can afford Countermeasures on Dash if you take Tarn with R7.

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I would probably bring the bomber, just for the fun of it.
Play conservative with dash, and present your crimson as a target before going in.
Infinite bomblets gets people to target your B/SF instead. And if not, just smash it in their way as they chase dash. 

EDIT: I might take off bodhi rook for deflective plating on the B/SF. 

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As great of a card as Lone Wolf is, you may want to consider replacing it if you're going to be running a 3-ship list with Dash. I find it difficult sometimes to fly him far enough away from one other ship at times in order to get it to trigger enough (without flying in a forced way and doing things I don't really want to be doing to get it to proc).

Considering you want to fly AP-5 as well, Push The Limit is looking pretty good in this case. On a turn where you really want Dash to not have to do a green, AP-5 can clear his stress and he is free to push again. Through all of this you won't have to worry about trying to trigger Lone Wolf so Dash can be anywhere (which usually means not getting shot at too much or at all and always having a target lock for offense instead of the single Lone Wolf reroll).

As for a wingman around 25 points, I think we're looking at an Auzituck Gunship. Kashyyyk Defender with Wookiee Commandos sits right at 25 and allows Dash to take Countermeasures so he isn't toasted on an alpha strike. The Wookiee is durable and annoying enough to gum up the field for Dash and can take the rerolls from M9-G8 if you're not using it defensively. It also matches PS with AP-5 to allow activation priority.

YT-2400 Freighter: •Dash Rendar (56)
        Counter-Measures (3)
        •Outrider (5)
        Push the Limit (3)
        Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
        •Rey (2)

Auzituck Gunship: Kashyyyk Defender (25)
        Wookiee Commandos (1)

Sheathipede-class Shuttle: •AP-5 (19)
        •Phantom II (0)
        •Bodhi Rook (1)
        •M9-G8 (3)

Total:  100/100

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StrEzra is a great little filler in that point range - Gunner, Snap Shot, R3-A2. However, I do agree with the opinion that LW is hard to keep up with 3 ships on your side... I would rather see PTL Kanan Dash, honestly.

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Something to consider... if you're taking Countermeasures and have 2 more points to spare, you can also snap on a Scavenger Crane.  Nothing like using Countermeasures, shrugging off an attack, then nuking a ship and getting your modification right back.

How, you might ask...?


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Maybe throw Bodhi Rook in a U-Wing.  Upgrade the crew to Weapons Engineer for 2 points, and with Bodhi costing 23 out of your remaining 27 points, you'll have 4 points for upgrades.  Wookiee Commandos is the cheap version, and would leave a lot of points in the rest of the list.  Pulsed Ray Shield on AP-5, and Rigged Cargo Chute on Dash (sooooo cool!).  Alternately some combination of the following: FCS, Tactician, Leebo crew (cheap boosts... good for blocking), C-3PO, and Zeb crew would work.  I kinda like FCS/Zeb.  Snag a TL then set up a block.  Your opponent won't have mods, and you'll be fairly well supplied with them.  This also leaves a point for Rigged Cargo Chute.

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