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Bombs/Grenades question

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Howdy folks!

I'm back again with another weapon crafting related question that I hope you can help me figure out.

I was warming up to make some new types of grenades, smoke bombs, etc.  In doing so, I decided to look at the examples in the CRB.

(You can already see where I'm going with this)

Weapon Skill Dam Crit Range Encum HP Price Rarity Special
Particle Grenade Ranged (light) 6 4 Short 1   200 5 Blast 3, Concussive 1, Disorient 3, Limited Ammo 1, stun damage
Clockwork Grenade Ranged (light) 8 3 Short 1   50 6 Blast 5, Burn 1, Limited Ammo 1


I'm trying to figure out how they got the costs so low.

If I stat out the Clockwork Grenade, even messing with the numbers, I get a breakdown like this:

Clockwork Grenade 200
Damage 8 500
Blast 5 100
Burn 1 200
Limited Ammo 1 -500
Crit 3 150
Blows up in face on despair -250

That's even with me guessing on the narrative point cited in the book about these things blowing up in your face and tweaking the Limited Ammo cost.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Has anyone else stated out their own grenades/bombs?

I'd love to make a variety of explosives for my players, but I don't want to over charge them (without narrative reason), or make the items too powerful.

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They got those costs because that's what they wrote down on the page, not what they engineered from the rules. So, yeah.

The way I do it is to use the guidelines in the book to get a base, estimated cost, then adjust until it fits the setting I need. When I reverse engineered the greatsword and sword through the rules, the sword came out more expensive than the greatsword (because of all the negative qualities), but that's not terribly realistic, so I adjusted until I felt it worked.

Remember, they're guidelines, not shackles.

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1 minute ago, c__beck said:

There's no way to know how they came up with such cheap items. Almost none of them follow their own guidelines. So just make it up :shrug:

That's also why I stopped trying to stat out the cost on the particle grenade lol

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