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Actual Question About X-Wing

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You really want a 1 that also serves as 2

For example, in the days of Miranda Nym, I had a lot of success running two TIE/D Defenders (One with Ion, one with Flechette) alongside OL, who could tap an opponent and leave it immobile and helpless to a storm of dakka. It surprised everyone else too, and did decently against almost everything that was thrown at it - in its specific example, synergy lists and imperial arc-dodgers tended to cause it problems, but that was about it; everything else it could at least hold its own against.

So really, build something that is particuarly decent against 1 if you suspect to see a lot... but make sure it's able to take on most of what else is out there in the process. Even if it's tweaked towards countering one archetype in particular, being general-purpose as well is, well, what makes something a 'good list'. :) 

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I'll fly whatever messes with my opponents the most. Quadjumpers are always the answer when small bases are involved.

Option 1 for me, but ideally with a little bit of option 2 thrown in.

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None of the above.  I don’t play in many tournaments, but I was given the advice to play what I liked flying and could fly well over a meta list, and that’s how I placed second in a more casual tournament with Dash + Miranda back in the height of Palp Aces.  I’ve also made a good showing with Asajj and 2 thugs.

Edit: more casual means not a store championship or anything like that.

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Let's have some fun ! :)

1x Academy Pilot

2x Storm Squadron with title and Accuracy corrector

1x Dark Curse

1x Omega Leader with Comm/Juke


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