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799 points of women, aliens and unshaven men.

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Luke Skywalker- Battle Meditation and Force Push

Rebel Troopers- Extra Trooper, MPL-57

Rebel Troopers- Extra Trooper, Z-6

Rebel Troopers- MPL-57

Rebel Troopers

AT-RT- Flamer

AT-RT- Laser Cannon

Airspeeder- Harpoon



The full squads are the main assault force, along with the AT-RT Flamer and Luke.

Force push was pretty handy last night in bringing an enemy squad into flamer range, but it is difficult to get Luke in range without be exposed, so I may dial it back to Mind Trick.  Reflexes could be handy, but it means losing something somewhere.  Battle Meditation is handy for keeping the support units in order- particularly the sniper AT-RT and Airspeeder.

The AT-RT and airspeeder are my flankers, while the remaining two squads take the closest objectives.  The 4 man squad in particular has proven to be fragile if caught out in the open- they all died turn one in my last game to a single speeder bike squadron.  Their main role is sitting on the closest ‘safe’ objective.

I know the rotary cannon is statistically better than the laser cannon, but if everyone else is taking them I shouldn’t- it’s too predictable.  Additionally, the range on the cannon means it will rarely have to move from an enfilading position, staying beyond return fire range and hopefully aiming more often.  We have quite a lot of urban terrain so it could potentially take a rooftop overlooking an objective.

Similarly, I find the Z-6 to be frustrating and I’m not keen on the model. It needs an ammo feed to a backpack or something- it’s too light looking.  The grenade launchers are much more my style and will come in handy against enemy fliers and armour, especially as more turns up in the game.  I think that it’s a matter of time until we get the TIE Striker.


Anyway, that’s the current plan.  I played a game last night without the speeder (620 points each) which highlighted my need to learn to drive AT-RTs and take speeder bikes seriously.  Otherwise the army seems to work quite well together.

Eventually I’ll get some fleet troopers and commandos for when we’re playing on internal maps- they’ll replace the speeder when it starts getting claustrophobic.

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