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[Poll] Do you enjoy X-wing?

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13 hours ago, Babaganoosh said:

I'm taking those comments more as constructive criticism than attacks.

That‘s a great way to approach it!

I think it is sad how often good threads are sabotaged by attacking the wording and completely ignoring the intention of the OP. I say attacking but „criticism of various and questionable constructiveness“ is more accurate.

Phrasing is important when criticizing the work and effort of others. There‘s an interesting variety:

“Not enough choices“

“The questions need a few more options“

„The last question was leading and the answers improperly worded“

“Last question was hard to answer“

„Don‘t like the last question“

“Having more than two options would be good“

All of this after you had already said:

„unscientific poll, I guess. But more informative than your average forum post!“


„Sorry if you don't think the poll questions are optimal! I was going for simplicity but may have overdone it.“

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