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Around the World - Realms of Terrinoth Article

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I'm happy and surprised there's another preview.  I like fluff, and since I'm not familiar with the Terrinoth games in general, it's cool to see undead, elven, and dwarven checkboxes checked for this setting that they seem to have the right (albeit traditional) feel.

But holy crap, would it really have hurt FFG to give us the full stats on just one of the three NPC's they listed, for crying out loud?  The numbers don't really tell us anything interesting (other than a storm sorceress is conspicuously missing Survival, but whatevs).

This doesn't dampen my enthusiasm for the book.  The lucky few who own it already have been singing its praises.  But dang, it once again shows just how stingy FFG is with providing real information in a preview article (or providing preview articles in general), at least for Genesys related products.  In comparison, their living card game previews show full card stats and artwork.

Really looking forward to the 19th!

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