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Familiar minis

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So I've finally finished the replacement for the tokens. I'm still missing a monkey for the Curse of the Monkey God but couldn't find anything good looking in the scale. Any tips?

I know the reanimate is too much but I really wanted a big brute abomination instead of another skeleton. Now the poor wolf doesn't look intimidating at all :D.. Can you advise a bigger one pls?

The names and links of the sculpts are below

Hope you enjoy the collection



familiar minion mimic scourge raven flock reanimate wolf summoned stone necromancer geomancer beastmaster unkindness soulbinder


Vyrah the Falconer Skye Ronan of the Wild Pico Challara Brightblaze


MINIC - Reaper mocking beast

SCOURGE - Reaper Miniatures Bones Demi-Lich

RAVEN FLOCK - Reaper Miniatures Familiar Pack VIII

REANIMATE - Avatars of War - Lord of Pestilence

WOLF - Pathfinder Battles: Deep Cuts Miniatures - Familiars

SUMMONED STONE - I made those out of FIMO clay

SKYE & PICO - Reaper Miniatures Familiar Pack I

BRIGHTBLAZE - Reaper Bones -Basilisk



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