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Fenn and Hotcop

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21 minutes ago, ficklegreendice said:

You can spend tokens without modifying results 

So you can be forced to spend a focus for no offensive benefit

You can spend a token to modify zero results - You can't spend a token for no reason.

If Fenn has Fenn-ed you, then any 'spend a focus token to modify focus to hit' is locked out, as is focus-to-crit with calculation.

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I think the last paragraph of the Hotshot Co-Pilot FAQ sets a precedent for this case.

"If the defender has Hotshot Co-Pilot equipped, and the attacker cannot modify his dice such as from Snap Shot or after resolving Accuracy Corrector, the attacker is not able to spend a focus token, and therefore does not spend a focus token."

If Fenn is defending against the ship selected by his pilot ability, the attacker can't modify dice because another card effect prohibits it. Therefore HotCop cannot force the token spending. 

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