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Descent speculation

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On 6/16/2018 at 12:23 PM, Proto Persona said:

Depends on what the community sees as more important, form or function. I certainly like the artwork in 2nd ed. I'm not happy with how often the layout of dungeons feel samey. It doesn't feel like you have to adjust your tactics for room layouts as often in 2nd ed.

It's the same for me. I like the art and the concept of d2e. I also think there are enough tiles to build nice dungeons.

The tactical depth is increased through our house rules concerning LoS and movement at corners. To move diagonally you have to have at least one passable square directly to yours. So two goblins block a passage into a room or the obstacles at the ruins tile (4a) block a passage. LoS is measured from the center of the square to any corner of the attacked square.


But I have some issues with d2e. The preparation to play a single adventure takes longer than the entire match. You have dozens of heroes, minions, OL-cards, classes and so on to choose from. If we play we take us two whole days for it but this shortens how often we can meet us.

Further the power of the OL hardly increases in comparisson to the heroes one. The minions stay the same the whole act while the heroes get new equipment.


But these issues are not enough to argue for a third edition from my point of view.


With kind regards,


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So I honestly can't risk Descent 3 after how unfinished they've left Descent 2. Perhaps if there was 100% compatability like AMD processors or Warhammer total war. FFG need to lead the way on the board game scene though.

What I expect; to complete the game (which could easily continue for years)

1) A two part mini-box Large Campaign (like the Mistlands pair: MoB & tCtR) based on the Uthuk. Perhaps the 1st gettting into Riverwatch or Valyvale? 2nd the actual carnage inside the city and trying to turn the inactive Golems on?

This would allow 6 Uthuk Monsters as seen in Runebound, RuneWars and RuneAge, 3 Lieutenants and all 8 missing Dual Class cards. More Search Cards and another main campaign. Also more shop items, travel cards, hidden room cards and maybe even an overlord servant.

2) 1 final Big box with 4 of the missing heros and hopefully based in Al Karim or Zanaga to bring in Lizardmen (I love Ispher) and Catfolk. More intelligent campaign like Shadow of Nerekhall or to a lesser extent Labrynth of Ruin.

This could have the missing Healer and Mage class plus more big box typical stuff and lots more search cards. Maybe a new travel type card set. New main Campaign. And hopefully the MoonCat!

3) Then all Campaigns released as a modular hardback, each having options to incorporate all other expansions. And some lovely artwork and fluff on the specific area the campaign is set in. Shadowrune to be 2nd editioned as promised! 

Maybe one Hardback with LotW, TF and MoR mini campaigns and the fluff for the Valdari Marsh etc.


Can't ask for much more other than to continue with D2e or to make it fully compatible with D3e so we don't feel ripped off and continue to buy this wonderful game!

PS Runebound 3 needs lots more stuff too!


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