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List of Revealed Tyrants of Lothal Components

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1 hour ago, ManateeX said:

I haven't watched enough rebels to know what Lothal looks like, so I can't really comment on the aesthetics.  From a gameplay perspective, though, I really like the new ones that they've shown here.  As aermet69 said, the two tiles with the buildings (?) both give you a way to block (or at least slow down) the other side with a single figure.  The ravine, with the diagonal blue spaces, could lead to some cool movement shenanigans as well.

You guys make a fair point that gameplay-wise, these do look interesting.


I was more speaking aesthetically. 

Lothal looks more like this:

Image result for lothal landscape star wars


Image result for lothal landscape star wars


There are definitely some more deserty areas, like this...

Image result for lothal landscape star wars



But for the most part, the savannah is its defining and recognizable feature.  It'd be like if a Hoth map was 70% rock instead of snow.

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