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RoockieBoy goes to the Madrid Regionals

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Hi guys! Last month I went to the Madrid Regionals (120ish players), and of course, I took my favorite duo: Corran-Ahsoka. If you've been reading this thread, you'll see I've now switched the 3rd ship to AP-5, which I think is awesome, but this time I was using Intensity Jake, which is REALLY fun to fly. Here's the exact list:


In the previous Regional I had attended, (batrep here), Ahsoka had BMST so I was going at 98p. It almost cost me the game against Fenn/Guri/Thweek, as my opponent was also going to 98 and I lost the roll. So I decided to forget about BMST (I rarely used it), and go to 97p.

Rd 1 vs Orix (Kylo/Chiraneau)

Kylo Ren (silencer), PTL, AS, AT, Primed Thrusters, Title

Chiraneau, Trick shot, EU, Ysanne Issard

When I saw I was paired against Chiraneau I panicked. Ahsoka would have a really hard time staying alive. But then I saw he didn't have VI or Adaptability so Ahsoka was safe. That always makes things easier. After reading the opponent's list I felt really confident I could win, but then I saw who my opponent was, and my smile faded a bit... He's been playing this game for a loong time, and has made several Tops in Regionals, something I haven't been able to do yet.

My Deployment:






I wanted to go slow, and store enough focus tokens on Rey, as I really need them against Kylo, but my opponent had another plans, and he rushed forward really fast.


First engagement comes and Jake is R2 of the Deci, and Corran has a R3 obstructed shot


I deal 3 shields to the Decimator between both attacks. I decide to save the double tap for a better chance.


Corran only loses one shield. Kylo was too far to contribute.


Next turn Chiraneau does a 3 turn over a rock to try to block Corran.


Corran bumps, but regens a shield. Kylo is able to arc dodge Corran and get into R1, but will have no mods against him.


Jake gets behind Kylo at R2, and Ahsoka gets into R1 of Corran with a focus token.


Ahsoka spends the focus on Corran, who BRs forward out of Kylo's arc, and PTLs for a focus, ready to hit Chiraneau hard. Ahsoka takes a Rey focus for herself to defend from Kylo.


Kylo does nothing to Ahsoka, but Corran blanks on Chiraneau's unmodded shot, and loses 3 shields.


Jake does 1 shield to Kylo, who selects the PS0 crit as the ISYTDS card. Corran does 2 hits and 2 crits on Chiraneau, taking the last shield, and inflicting a damaged cockpit and shaken pilot.


I double tap and I get 2 hits and 1 crit, which is console fire.


Next turn Corran regens 1 shield and evades. Chiraneau runs away to flip the console fire crit. Kylo gets into R1 of Corran, and TLs. Jake also gets into R1 of Kylo. Ahsoka is also able to get into R1 of Corran, with a focus token, and out of Kylo's arc by a hair's width!


In the combat phase Ahsoka does her magic, and Corran is able to boost out of Kylo's arc, and pushes for a focus, to defend from Chiraneau's attack. Kylo is now unable to shoot anybody.


Jake hits Kylo for 2 hits 1 crit. Kylo blanks, and forgets to burn the title, so is now out of shields, with a damage card, and the crit is a direct hit! So unlucky!


Next turn Kylo keeps chasing Corran, who keeps on running and regening. Jake keeps on Kylo's tail, while having AT's for Chiraneau's attacks. Ahsoka bumps Kylo, so Corran is on his own this turn. Corran only loses 1 shield, as he had focus+evade. Jake does nothing on Kylo.

Next turn I decide to let Jake go after Chiraneau, as I need to get more points, and he still has 6 hull left. Time is starting to run out so I decide to burn the Captured tie and get a R1 focused shot on Kylo with Ahsoka, but I get 3 blanks.


Jake does nothing on Chiraneau as he has an evade from Yssard, but I don't take any damage. Maybe Corran loses another shield, but he's ok as he regens it every turn.Next turn Jake decides to go back after Kylo. Chiraneau starts turning back into the fray. Ahsoka is blocked by Kylo.


Corran doesn't get shot this turn, so is back at 2 shields.


Kylo is able to trap Corran into a R1 shot...


But a 3 bank right from Ahsoka plus a BR gets her into R1 of Kylo out of arc, and R1 of Corran as well. She then takes a focus from Rey, and spends it on Corran, who boosts and BRs to get out of Kylo's way, and into R3 of the Decimator, who is now back into the fight. Jake had got into R2 of Kylo.


Jake gets 2 damage on Kylo, who blanks out. Burns the title and only gets an evade, so is dead. Corran does 2 damage to the Decimator, but saves the double tap.


A turn later the Decimator is burned down.


Win 100-0

To be continued...

Edited by RoockieBoy

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Round 2 vs Marcos Bueno (Miranda/Nym)

Nym, VI, TLT, EM, Harpoons, Thermals, Proton bombs, Trajectory, Genius, Havoc, LRS

Miranda, TLT, EM, Harpoons, Sabine, Bomblet, LRS


Ok so really hard matchup here, as those bombs can easily destroy my ships really quickly, especially those proton bombs. One Direct hit and Corran or Jake can bite the dust, even if they still have full shields... to make matters worse, my opponent tells me he just went 100-0...

Miranda will be my first target, as she's very scary in the end game...



Both Miranda and Nym TL Jake with their LRS, which is fine by me, as he's so slippery! We slow roll until I see an opening with Corran, and zoom fast with a 5s. Ahsoka stays close to Corran. In the combat phase I'm able to get Corran into R1 of Miranda with a BR... Jake has run away to safety out of R3 of both enemies.


Corran is attacked by both ships and loses 2 shields.


Corran then attacks Miranda and double taps in the end phase, taking all 4 shields off, and dealing a damage card. Good start.


Next turn Miranda drops a bomblet and moves 3 straight towards Jake to try and unload those harpoons. Corran moves fast to avoid the bomblet, regens a shield, and gets out of TLT range to stop Miranda from regening. Jake keeps drawing attention from both ships, but they're unable to catch him.


Next turn Miranda does a 3 bank + 3 bank slam to get a lot closer to Jake. I see a chance to  keep hurting miranda and I turn Jake towards her. I also have debris to help me survive Nym's Harpoon, but I'm barely inside R2, so no AT...


Nym fires the harpoons, but I spend my focus + evade, and completely avoid the shot. Jake attacks Miranda and gets 2 eyeballs. If I spend my focus I won't be able to flip intensity down, but I really need to keep pressure on Miranda, so I spend it. She blanks and is now down to 2 hull.


But Jake is exhausted...


Next turn Miranda does a 1 bank, and TLs Corran with the LRS, who is getting back into the fight full shields. Jake 1 turns to the left to avoid the debris, but I end up overlapping it. Corran gets closer to the fight and focuses, but is still out of range.


Surprisingly, Nym turns away to avoid the debris, but drops a thermal behind. In the combat phase Ahsoka spends her focus to allow Corran to Boost + BR out of arc of Miranda, so he ends up at R3.


Nym shoots Jake, but thanks to the debris and my AT, Jake comes unscathed. Miranda attacks Corran and regens, so I only lose a shield. Corran attacks Miranda and destroys her on the first shot.


A few turns later I prepare my Corran double tap on Nym, knowing he'll do a 2 turn. Ahsoka zooms fast to keep into R1 of Corran, missing the debris by a hair's width. Jake is coming back, having flipped Intensity. Nym moves and ends up at R1 of Corran...


Nym BRs out of Corran's arc, and I'm unable to counter it with a BR as the debris is on my way, so I try a BR right plus boost left, but I fail to have arc on Nym. Ouch.


Ahsoka survives Nym's R1 shot thanks to the debris and a focus token from Rey. I also attack Nym, and I might have taken a shield off, but I don't remember. So I lost a great opportunity to pounce Nym hard, and now I'm on his tail, which scares me a lot. The thermal detonator is still there cutting my path, so I'm not in a good spot with Corran...

Next turn I try to get Corran away from Nym to avoid a proton bomb, but I have to run into the thermal detonator, so I'll be double stressed. Nym gets blocked by Jake, but launches a proton bomb with the trajectory, which ends up hitting Jake, Ahsoka and Nym.


Ahsoka gets a damaged engine, and Jake gets a major explosion which triggers another crit! I panick, but then I remember the crit from the major explosion will go into the shields... phew! So close! Nym's crit wasn't important. Corran loses a shield to the thermal, and another from Nym's TLT, and is double stressed, but has enough room to recover while Nym turns around. A few turns later everyone repositions, and I try to kill Nym in another pass as it'll be the last turn. I'm able to get Nym into R1 of Corran in arc, but Nym launches the last proton bomb before, which will hit Nym and Corran, missing Ahsoka by a hair's width...


I cross my fingers to avoid a direct hit on Corran, and luckily I get a major hull breach...


Nym kills Ahsoka with the TLT, but Corran avenges her, killing Nym with the double tap.

Win 100-22

Edited by RoockieBoy

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Round 3 vs Juan Pablo Fernández (QD/BD/Vader)

Quickdraw, adapt., FCS, Harpoons, Chips, SpecOps

Backdraft, adapt., FCS, Cruise, Chips, SpecOps

Vader. adapt., Cruise, chips, Title, ATC


So not a match I like to see, as 2 ships can fire Ahsoka, and I hate harpoons. The good thing was the lack of LWF, which would make those TIE/sf squishier.



Jake flanks, trying to take a shield or two off BD, while drawing attention. I fire BD a R2 shot but get 2 blanks. QD and Vader move forward fast. Corran slow plays and Ahsoka stores focus tokens on Rey.


Next turn Corran does 1 bank left to engage the enemy, ending right in front of a rock, with the idea of doing a combat phase-BR to whichever side suits me better, and focuses. BD is too far to TL Corran, so decides to TL Ahsoka, who is PS9 can't be shot by a PS8 BD. Good for me. Ahsoka moves past Corran, but still at R1. QD ends up too far to TL Corran, so she TLs Jake, who is at R3. Vader, who did a 4 straight, TLs Corran and focuses. 5 die cruise incoming! In the Combat phase, Corran does a BR left and a boost forward to end up at R1 of Vader, to avoid the cruise missile. As Vader doesn't want to spend the TL on the attack, he does nothing to Corran. QD fires a TLd R3 shot on Jake, and gets 3 hits. I roll 2 blanks and 2 focuses so I have to spend one focus and use AT to avoid damage. Jake then attacks BD at R2 and gets 2 eyeballs. As BD's TL is on Ahsoka, I decide to spend the focus on the attack, as I'll still have my 3 greens plus an evade to defend from BD's R2 shot out the rear. BD evades one so it loses 1 shield. BD fires unmodded R2 shot on Jake and gets hit, crit...Ok... And then adds another crit. Great! I then proceed to roll triple blanks, and have to spend the evade and lose two shields. Awesome! Jake is also exhausted for next turn. Yuhuuu!


At least Corran does a lot of damage with a R1 focused shot, and a R1 TLd double tap on Vader.


Corran's R1 double tap is able to get Vader to 1 hull with a damaged engine crit.


Next turn I do a 2 bank right with Corran expecting to bump BD, which is OK as I'll get one less shot, probably be in QD's blind spot, and also get rid of the stress. Also, as Vader has to turn around, and the hard turns are red, he'll take a while to turn around. Or so I thought... but I make a noob mistake and forget about Vader's k-turn! As he didn't use the TL, there will be a 5 dice cruise missile heading for Corran! He has to spend the TL and chips but gets ALL FIVE HITS, and I get 2 evades out of four dice (obstructed), so Corran loses all three shields in one volley. Jake was trying to block QD, but I missed, and QD is able to BR to get me into R1 in arc out the back. QD rolls hit, crit, crit and Jake evades 2, so I take a damaged cockpit crit. Buuh! My mistake was having Ahsoka too far to contribute this turn...



Next turn Corran does a 3 straight to recover 1 shield, get out of Vader's sights, and try to have QD in arc. Ahsoka joins Corran, but has to BR to get into R1. Jake takes the long way, trying to get intensity flipped. BD turns to get shots off the rear, and Vader 2 straights to get rid of the dtress. My plan for Corran works, as QD's 1 bank ends up in Corran's arc, and can't BR out because Corran and Ahsoka are blocking both BRs, so she focuses.


I go all in with Ahsoka and decide to spend rey's focus on a TL on Corran, leaving her tokenless so she'll probably die to QD's double tap when Corran takes her shields off... but I think it's a good trade. I decided not to push for a focus, to leave my dial open. (I had evaded with Corran to protect from BD's shot).


Vader has no shot, QD has a R1 un-modded shot on Ahsoka (TL is on Jake, and will save focus for defense), so Ahsoka only takes a damaged engine crit on the first shot, and a major explosion which I roll into a crit, so Ahsoka is alive!


The good luck I had here is sadly balanced by Corran's double tap. 4+4 TLd dice against a 2 agility ship only deal 3 damage in total...


Next turn Corran regens, and Jake is back in the fight, but moving first is horrible for him, and is often arc dodged. Ahsoka is caught by QD and killed.


A few turns later Corran is able to get QD down to 1 hull,  so both Vader and QD are on 1 hull, but it's so hard for Corran to escape all three arcs, and I end up getting cornered...


I avoid QD's harpoon shot, but there's nothing I can do to stay on the board next turn...


A damaged cockpit Jake is unable to finish any of the wounded ships (I got one R2 shot on QD but he got 2 nattie evades putting the nail in the coffin), so I lose badly.

Lost 100-0

To be continued

Edited by RoockieBoy

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I'm back!

Round 4 vs Pablo Pestaña (4x T70 X-Wings)

After the lunch break I was 2-1, and up against a favourable matchup, as Ahsoka would only have to focus on helping out, rather than trying to survive. All the T70s had Flight Assist and Integrated Astromech.

My Setup:




Jake zooms fast, to try to draw some attention, while Corran and Ahsoka slow roll, storing focuses on Rey.


First shots of the game and only 2 enemy ships are in range. One has Jake at R3 with a TL and the other one has Corran, also at R3.


Corran attacks with Focus+TL, and even with the double tap, I only strip 2 shields.


Jake is attacked, with the T70 getting 3 hits, and blanks out!


Thanx to the evade token and AT, I only lose a shield.


A few turns later not many shots have happened, as I try to get out of arcs, mostly. Ahsoka gets bumped.


      Next turn both Jake and Ahsoka get blocked nicely, but Jake is out of arc of all enemy ships. Corran has to BR close to the board edge to get into R3, and out of arc of one of the 3 T70's thet had him in arc.


Corran rolls well and only loses a shield.


      Next turn it looks like Corran is going to fly away fast, but I finally do a 1 straight, so 2 of the 3 T70s had moved too fast, and only one has Corran in sights. Ahsoka finally joins Corran, and I'm able to keep hurting those T70's. Jake keeps dealing some damage here and there.


Corran's R1 double tap leaves the red T70 on 1 hull and no droid.


Time starts running out and I need to kill some of those wounded ships. Corran kills the wounded red one...


And thanx to Ahsoka's support is able to get away from a bad spot (2 R1 shots), only getting shot by one, having a focus + evade, so he survives.

Jake gets the kill shot on another T70, so I get a little more points. 


Win 50-0

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Round 5 vs Arreyes (Lothal/Fenn)

So with a 3-1 record and not too good MOV I couldn't afford another loss, but Ghost/Fenn wasn't really what I was looking for... I needed to take Fenn down ASAP and try not to be too damaged to try and take the Ghost down. I didn't like my chances here, but at least my opponent said he had just started using the list, and had only played TWO games before the Regional...

So I deploy as usual...


Enemy ships start coming fast


One more turn and we're still far away...


Next round we're into combat. Corran ends up at R1 primary arc of the ghost, but Ahsoka is just beside him, blocking the coordinated boost. I played a little bit too safe with Jake and he turned away, so he couldn't contribute this turn.


In the combat phase Ahsoka spends a focus to have Corran BR left to get out of arc, but still TLT safe in R1. A boost forwards wouldn't fit, and a boost left would probably take me out of R1 so I decided to TL Fenn, which I think it was a mistake.


I tried to get damage through on Fenn but I couldn't roll any hits, as I was rolling naked dice thanks to Fenn's ability. Next turn Corran runs away from the TLT, but Ahsoka ends up at R1 of Fenn, so I use Rey's focus to get a Focus+evade. Jake is still coming back.


A few turns of back and forth and I'm unable to get any damage through. At least I dont suffer any myself.


Then Fenn decides to leave the Ghost and stay on Ahsoka. He gets into R1 with a focus. Ahsoka evades instead of focusing, as Hot-shot co-pilot would make me discard it anyway. Corran is able to get a R2 obstructed shot on Fenn, out of arc, so he can't use his ability and I have a TL.


Fenn even spends his focus for attack, dealing one damage to Ahsoka.


I double tap with Corran but Fenn rolls well and only loses the shield and takes a crit...


...Which is shaken pilot... Jake takes a shield off the Ghost.


I really didn't want to be in range, but we were in R3 by a hair's width. The Ghost rolled pretty hot thanks to the Maul+Ezra combo, and I have to decide to spend my last token to be safe, or keep it to flip intensity but lose a shield. I decide to spend it so I'm unable to flip Intensity back.


I know he's gonna do a 2 turn next round so I plan to bump him to avoid being shot. He does the expected turn, but also the unexpected boost, so Jake ends up at R1 in the back arc with only a focus token...


Corran and Ahsoka had moved fast, and were now too close, as Corran couldn't shoot this turn.


Fenn kept his back arc on Ahsoka.


Fenn fires a focused, obstructed shot at a focused Ahsoka, and she takes a console fire crit...


Jake doesn't have better luck, and loses both shields, and is dealt a stunned pilot crit.


Next turn I decide to risk Ahsoka to be able to get into R1 of Jake to at least have him with a focus+evade... my gamble doesn't pay off and Ahsoka dies to the console fire crit, while Jake dies to a R2 shot, even with focus+evade. Now it's Corran against everyone.


A few turns later ime runs out and I haven't killed a thing, while I've lost Ahsoka and Jake.


I Lose 49-0

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Round 6 vs Jaime Herrera (Stridan/Inq/QD)

QD, VI, LWF, Title, FCS

Inq, PTL, AT, Title

Stridan, FCS, Inspiring Recruit


I move Jake fast on my right while Corran and Ahsoka slow roll. 

First round of combat I get into R2 of the Inquisitor with Jake so no AT for any of us, and he's only got a focus. I do nothing to him, and despite having focus+evade I lose a shield. Great.

Next turn, as Jake has all 3 enemy TLs on him I move at high speed, and fly past them.

Corran gets into R3 of Stridan, with Focus + TL.


I take 2 shields off the Epsilon, and Jake survives QD's back arc shot.


Next turn all enemy ships turn on Corran. Stridan coordinates a BR on QD to allow for a better positioning, and Inq tries to block the E-Wing.

Inquisitor blocks Corran, and QD has a R1 shot on him, but Ahsoka saves his bacon allowing a combat phase BR to the left, which takes Corran out of QD's arc, and I PTL for a focus. Ahsoka gets a focus from Rey. 


Corran deals 4 damage to Stridan. Jake, whowas not going to get shot, had decided to TL Stridan.


2 turns later I get really lucky. Corran, who was missing two shields, gets a R1 shot from QD, who has focus+TL. QD gets al four hits. If Corran blanks, dead Corran. I get THREE natties, and spend my evade for ZERO damage. Really lucky roll on a critical moment. I couldn't ask for more. My opponent can't believe it, and from this point on he was just mentally out of the game.


Oh, and this same turn between Jake and Corran I kill Stridan. Inquisitor lost a shield but I can't remember when.


I didn't take any more pictures, but to sum it up fast I needed to get as much MOV as I could, and my opponent just played safe to prevent me from getting more points. It was weird, as he was losing on points and still running away. I didn't get it, but I later found he was 4-1 before this match, so I was the odd one getting paired with a 4-1 while I only had 3-2. In the very last turn I was able to get a double tap on Inquisitor and a R2 shot from Jake, and killed him.

Corran lost all his shields to QD, but as it was last turn it didn't matter.

Won 66-0

So I ended up 4-2, as in ALL THREE of my previous Regionals since I started playing, and ended up missing the cut, as usual, but had a great time, and flew what I liked. I ended up in place 33, but there was only Top 16, so no worries hehe.

The winner of the Regional had just seen a Ghost/Fenn list in local store tournament a week before and decided to jump into the wagon with ZERO experience flying the list. He won.

Thanx for getting to the end of my story, and fly casual.

P.S. Next batrep: The Italian SOS!


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Excellent write-ups, as usual!  Congratulations on the solid play, and cheers for flying what you love!   And the glorious 2.0 nerf-hammer cannot arrive soon enough, nor hit hard enough, for that damned Ghost/Fenn!

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14 hours ago, Kleeg005 said:

Excellent write-ups, as usual!  Congratulations on the solid play, and cheers for flying what you love!   And the glorious 2.0 nerf-hammer cannot arrive soon enough, nor hit hard enough, for that damned Ghost/Fenn!

Thank you! I should have focused on killing Vader in my Rd 3 game, and play a little bit more careful with Jake. I feel I let that game slip through my fingers. The Ghost/Fenn was a horrid matchup, though, so I think a loss is somewhat expected. 

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7 hours ago, cybu said:

Thanks for the battlereport. It was a very good read and I'm amazed at your flying. 

Thanks for reading! Corran is really fun to fly, and with Ahsoka's help, and a little bit of luck, he can do wonders

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