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600 point tournament lists

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Gonna throw these out real quick before bedtime;

Vader -200

Storm Troopers x5 -220

Speeder Bike x2 -180

So, I know the whole Vader with no upgrades is risky but that is eight activations at 600 points

The speeders pack anti anything punch and five squads of storm troopers properly dug in has to be a nightmare to dig out


Vader, Throw, Reflexes -225

Storm Troopers x4-176


The drops it down to six activations (am of the opinion you need a minimum of 1 activation per 100 points)

Gives Vader a lot more punch

And riding a bloody AT-ST


Last one is a rebel list


Troopers + extra guyx5-250

AT-RT x3 165

Maybe put Reflexes on him to take the list to 590 pretty much insuring you are the blue player.

9 activations at 600 points and a lot of meat with armor.

Would have to lean on Luke real hard to deal with armor.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Disclaimer, have only played a handful of games at 400 points so far.

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Played a game last night with my opponent running the AT-ST list and myself running a list with two AT-RTs and an Airspeeder as I haven't picked up a third core yet.


Not sure how you are supposed to interact with AT-STs at 600 points.  Was a rough game that ended in a 6-6 draw.

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