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Eloeholth ID question

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So, I'm not sure how active this section of the forum still is, but I'm a big fan of Dark Heresy and I'm planning to take my players through a pretty big campaign, converting basically much all of the old 1st edition pre-written stuff into 2nd edition and chaining it together with a number of things I've written as glue and as a final act to the campaign tying everything together. 

The primary antagonist of my campaign is going to be the Serrated Query, with some extensive fleshing out and expansion since there's a lot of hints dropped in Purge the Unclean, but not much in the way of concrete information. I have an idea for a way to make it work, but it could cause complications and I'd like to avoid that. See below for details.



General order of adventures I'm running:

Edge of Darkness


Rejoice That You Are True

Maggots In the Meat

Baron Hopes

Dead Cities

House of Dust and Ash

Tattered Fates

Dead Stars

From this point I'm going to have a series of finale adventures I write to bring the party into conflict directly with the Serrated Query and Eloeholth the Faceless (I'm going to be editing Haarlock's legacy so that the SQ is trying to manipulate the party into leading them to much of what Haarlock has)

So based on the Eloeholth information given in Purge the Unclean, I am planning to make him the overall antagonist and final big bad. I haven't decided how much of the "silversmith of Prospero/stole the face of a Harlequin" stuff I really want to use but I like the idea of him being an ancient, very powerful human who is well versed in sorcery and xenotech. 

My main problem has been that while I have no trouble foreshadowing the Serrated Query and keeping them involved throughout everything, I don't want to leave Eloeholth to be an act 3 villain out of nowhere. 

And so, my idea - Silas Marr is Eloeholth. The Acolytes ping his radar by disrupting the Serrated Query throughout Purge the Unclean, and then the party learns the name Eloeholth in Baron Hopes and gets access to the Harlequin handout from Purge to bait that particular hook for later. 

Then as Dead Cities happens, I'm going to reconfigure Spectre Cell 17 into Acolytes of Silas Marr sent to investigate the Haarlock connection, and Marr secretly hopes they will eliminate the PCs in the process and he can chalk killing them up to "miscommunication between Inquisitors."

If instead, the PCs kill Cell 17, he comes forward, surprisingly circumspect, and uses the same "miscommunication" excuse to sweep it under the rug, provided the PCs Inquisitor loans the PCs to him to finish the task Cell 17 was supposed to do next - The House of Dust and Ash with one of the players taking the role of the Scion of Haarlock (though they will not know this, and Marr actually might). Key point here is that Marr wants the Greyskin Psalter and if obtained by the PCs he will take it as it relates to several of his "pending cases." In fact he just wants to use it to get at Haarlock's stuff in Dead Stars.

Post House of Dust and Ash I want to run a short homebrew adventure of the PCs and their Inquisitor actually getting captured by the Pilgrims of Hayte and give them a chance to maybe figure out that the Serrated Query somehow sold them out. In fact this is Marr deciding they've served their purpose and can politely go die now with all their Serrated Query knowledge. He will in fact be very annoyed when the Pilgrims notice the Scion of Haarlock in the party and bring them all to Quaddis instead.

Tattered Fates I actually plan as the death of the PCs Inquisitor in place of Karkalla, and otherwise am pretty much planning to run as is, with the addition of some extra clues to help them get to Mara. 

So after a much too long explanation I want to ask: Does Marr as Eloeholth make any sense as I've presented it? Does this cause problems later on if I want to run Apostasy Gambit (which I haven't read yet) before the final showdown with Eloeholth/Marr? Or are there any other problems with this setup I haven't noticed yet?






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